The world revolves around my son.

At least, our world does! This kid has us wrapped around his little finger. We did a major photo shoot this evening so that we could get a good shot for Jack’s birth announcements. We ended up taking over 80 pictures! I pared it down quite a bit. Anyway, take a look. This one is my favorite.

Jenn came over today and helped me out with laundry and grocery shopping. It make the trips a lot easier and less boring to have her along! It’s rough to negotiate a trip to the laundromat with Jack and no help, so I really appreciated her company and assistance! We also got a game of Scrabble in before she left.

It was a good day.

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  1. Oooh you’re on flickr…do you mind if I add you?

  2. Go for it. I don’t keep it up to date, though, since I only have a free account and they limit it to 200 pictures. 😛

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