3 states in 4 days

We went out of town this weekend and just got back this afternoon (although we were planning to get home last night). Sorry to leave without warning!

I will have to do some real updating tomorrow. But, in summary, we drove up to Washington and back in 4 days. Next time I try to do something like that, somebody stop me! Toddlers and long car rides don’t mix.

We had fun, though, and I’ll have lots of fun pictures to share. For now, I’ll be here waiting for Jack to nap so that I can finally get some sleep.

Oh, and by the way – Jack took his first steps!  I missed it, though, because I was in the other room.  SHEESH.  He has since taken a few steps at home that I was able to witness, though.  So it goes.

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  1. Yah for Jack!! I’m sorry you missed his first step, that sucks 🙁

    It’s crazy to think the tiny little Jack that I last saw is now walking. If it weren’t for all the pictures you take of him showing how he’s growing up, I almost wouldn’t believe you!

  2. Yay! First steps, how exciting!

    Glad you’re back, safe and sound. Although, 3 states in 4 days sounds like quite the road trip!!

  3. Technically no one saw Jack’s “first steps”. If a tree falls in the forest…. 😉

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