Good Toddler/Bad Toddler

We’ve had the full spectrum of toddler behavior today.¬† It’s been rather trying.

The good:

  • Practicing using a spoon, which is endlessly entertaining (he often gets “essence” of whatever is in the bowl and exclaims “Mmm!”)
  • Twirling around in circles
  • Dangling the cat toy for Blue
  • Running around like a crazy man
  • Wrestling with mom
  • 3 hour nap

The bad:

  • Awake at 7:30a and obviously still tired
  • Crawling under the baby gate (it is raised to allow the cats to get through)
  • Refusing most foods, preferring “mil!” (and cow’s milk will not do!)
  • Climbing and running on¬†furniture
  • Squirming while nursing
  • Pulling mom’s sleeve
  • Self-destructing in 60 seconds flat because he is tired or hungry or doesn’t want to sit still

It’s a good thing he’s awfully cute:

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  1. We had a week of no food but mama milk. Sure enough, he has a new tooth. I think this teething system is deeply flawed.

  2. Nothing is more annoying than a child who demands to nurse and then won’t. sit. still.

    And Annika is so right. These teeth better be worth all this trouble I tell you.

  3. Just love em, Ladies. Toddlers are interesting, challenging, exhausting, little creatures!

  4. OMG..I almost choked on my water!! What a GREAT picture..he’s a DOLL!!!!

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