Toddler Feeding Breakthrough

One of the coolest developments over the last week has been Jack’s consumption of real food.  Not only have we stepped up our effort to offer him well-rounded meals, but I noticed he had taken a liking to utensils.  I gave him a real spoon but he kept trying to stab the food and dropped most things on the way to his mouth.  I then handed him a fork, shoving aside my nerves at the prospect of giving him something with pokey tines, and he went to town!

Since introduction of the fork, Jack has been consuming three square meals a day with no problems whatsoever!  Even the foods that he didn’t seem to like (such as eggs) have gained favor.  It’s amazing how such a simple thing can make such a huge difference!

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  1. Hooray!

  2. It is funny but when they decide to use utensils, food becomes a bit more fun! Hooray for Jack. Another milestone.

  3. ah yes. the well rounded meal. I’m working on that… thankfully the breast milk keeps my guilt low 🙂

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