Aquarium of the Bay

We went to Aquarium of the Bay on Saturday.  This was our first trip into the touristy part of San Francisco since Jack was born and it was actually very fun.  Since we went fairly early and the forecast wasn’t great (although the weather turned out to be beautiful after all) the crowds were very manageable.  The only painful part was the high cost of lunch and parking, which were both expected anyway!

The aquarium itself was great, although on the smalls ide.  Jack was surprisingly shy in the touch pool area and refused to touch anything.  He loved looking at all of the fish, crabs, sea stars, rays, and sharks, though.  The best part was the “Under the Bay” tube, which is a giant tunnel that you walk through while fish, sharks, and rays swim over your head.  Jack thought it was fantastic when the sharks and rays would come directly at him, smooshing up against the glass while gliding by.


This outing increased my anticipation of our trip to Maryland in May to see my sister.  There is an aquarium in Baltimore that we’ll attempt to visit while there, and we may go to the zoo, as well.  These are the things I live for as a parent!

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  1. ah, maybe we’ll have to take alex this summer. sounds great!

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