“I like blue and green and yellow and orange and purple!”  (Purple is actually his favorite, and he points it out at every opportunity.  He can’t identify many colors, but he sure knows purple.)

“I like tea!” and “I like guitars!” and “I like cookies!”

“I want I want I want I want I want”

Arms stretched out behind him, he runs around the living room.  Our best guess is that he is flying.

Spatulas make great guitars.

Boats=pirates.  Water=pirates.  Skulls=pirates.  Sabrina=pirates.  “See pirates?  Yarrr!”

Overheard on the baby monitor when he woke up from his nap yesterday, “Oh, man!”

All milk except for mama’s is “chocolate milk.”

He snubbed cupcakes (twice!) yesterday in favor of cucumbers, carrots, and grapes.

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  1. What a hilarious kid! I love toddlers!

    For Jack,
    “Ahoy there Captain Jack, Arrrrgh, Matey!”

  2. Jack is *awesome.*

  3. How did you get him to a place where he’ll pick veggies over the cupcakes? That’s impressive!

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