Future birthdays may be a letdown

Jack’s birthday is in less than a month!  We have a costume party planned and there will even be a few kids there.  😀  I am pretty excited, although the only things I’ve accomplished so far are to send out a save-the-date evite and buy Jack’s present:


\"Flying Vee Wee\"

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  1. Awesome! What kind of a costume party is it going to be?

    We’re planning Kitten’s 1st birthday party too – Strawberry Shortcake theme (because we apparently can’t get away from the uber girly stuff). It’s going to be so much fun!!

  2. oh wow.

  3. Single coolest toddler present, ever. He will be the envy of his peers. (Does the amp really work?)

  4. Laura – it all works! It’s all real, just miniature. Joe had to screw around with the tuning a bit since the frets are closer together but it sounds great!

  5. wow at the guitar! how cool!
    ‘flying vee wee’ is hilarious. ;D

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