Do you see a resemblance?

I love doing this, especially now because Jack is finally starting to look a bit like ME!  Of course, then you get to the last picture (of my sister) and you’ll see that Jack resembles her more than me.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get revenge when her kid comes out looking like me.  😀

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  1. Aww, he looks so much like both of you! (Meaning you and Holly, as I already knew he looked just like Joe!)

  2. Awwww, so cute. I think he’s got a bit of both of you in his face.

  3. Melissa says:

    I have always thought that he looked a lot like you. I see more of you than Joe.

    How was the party?

  4. heathar says:

    See this is weird, I don’t think Jack looks like you or Holly, in the pics I’ve seen he looks like Joe to me. But I’ve never met the kiddo in person. 🙁 There was 1 picture where he resembled our side of the family, but I don’t remember what pic it was. 🙂 He is adorable tho. Those big brown eyes!

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