Is this a 2 year old thing?

Jack has grown a ton in the last couple months.  He is at least an inch taller and he is growing out of his size 6 shoes.  I have stocked up on bigger shoes in 7 and 8 – some cute Converse and awesome See Kai Run shoes.  Unfortunately, Jack refuses to wear them (if I can get them on, he throws a screaming fit until I take them off).  I don’t get it.  The ends of his shoes are fraying from rubbing against his toes that are obviously getting squished in there and yet he still refuses to wear any of the 3 new pairs of shoes I bought for him.

I am not sure what to do.  He can’t wear his sandals (which still fit) in the rain!  I wonder if he has gotten attached to the color of his old shoes?  Would it work if I bought him the same shoes in the bigger size?  Any suggestions?

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  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I dont’ know what kind of shoes he’s currently wearing but getting him the same style and color might be just the thing. Josh told me that it was at that age that he really got attached to his red converse high-tops. All my sisters who’ve been through it tell me it’s totally normal.

  2. Sam still asks me for his old shoes (making me think that part is probably universal – why would kids understand that they are growing?) but he will wear his new ones so I don’t know about that part. I like the idea of getting identical ones – we couldn’t do that because he’s outgrown Robeez completely.

  3. Otto wouldn’t wear his new shoes at all, and then we got him some of those frog rainboots from Target, and now that is all he will wear!

  4. bring him to the store to pick out new shoes, or get the same ones in the next size up. When Andy wants to wear his old ones, I remind them they’re too small and if he wears them he’ll hurt his feet.

  5. I was going to recommend letting him pick out the next pair of shoes to buy. In the mean time, I would try to see if giving him the choice between the two new pairs to see if he picks one and lets you put them on. It could be that he doesn’t understand that he’s growing (as previously stated) or that he just wants to have some choice/control. Kitten is starting to get this way (at 15 months) – she does much better when she’s allowed to make a choice (the red shirt or the pink shirt, yogurt or applesauce). I don’t offer choices when there isn’t one (do you want to go out or stay home), so we’re not tantrum-free, but it helps to let them win the little battles… not that I have a ton of experience! 😀

  6. My friend’s two-year-old will only wear his rain boots that have a fire truck on them. He helped pick them out, and he also bought in to the firefighter boots just like daddy’s thing. Maybe there’s something Jack really likes that has corresponding shoes that he can have, just like the —(pirates, truck drivers, whatever).


  1. […] is extremely picky about the shoes he will wear.  He has consented to wear pairs other than the red & brown See Kai Run shoes with which I previous had to pull a bait and switch.  He absolutely will not wear any other brand […]

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