Guilt guilt guilt

I am sure every mom suffers from guilt.  I am no exception, and it really does get ridiculous when I list everything out.  I bet I waste too much time feeling guilty.  Here is a (partial) list of things I feel guilty about in regard to my parenting:

  • letting Jack watch TV
  • giving Jack cookies (especially first thing in the morning)
  • doing household chores instead of playing with Jack
  • dinner consisting of chicken strips and hastily-cooked green beans (that he doesn’t eat) – what happen to the five food groups?
  • saying no sometimes when Jack wants to nurse
  • not having a solid nighttime routine
  • every day that we don’t go outside
  • putting the same socks on Jack two days in a row
  • skipping baths
  • leaving him at daycare or with his dad when he is crying
  • giving in when he throws a tantrum about wearing shoes or a coat
  • looking forward to the days he is with his dad
  • losing my patience and yelling when he has hit or pinched or bitten me
  • letting him wear pants that I just realized are too short

There are probably more but those were the things at the forefront of my mind this morning.  I know I’m a good mom; it’s just that I always see room for improvement!

6 thoughts on “Guilt guilt guilt”

  1. If it makes you feel any better my Mom did most of those things and I would like to think I am pretty well adjusted, healthy and successful. I have always respected her and now look up to her as the best mother I know. Jack is obviously a happy kid so you should try to let go of some of these worries (I know, easier said than done). No one can be perfect, but you’re pretty damn close.

    In the end they are very insignificant things. When I hear my friends talk about parenting these days it almost sounds like a competitive sport. The more educated parents read all these books and focus so much on doing everything a certain way but in the end all you need to do is make sure your kids feel loved. It’s what my parents did and it worked wonders.

    And if all else fails give him more cookies first thing in the morning and he’ll love you forever and ever. 😉

  2. As you should. I can point to 6 of those things and relate them directly to my own personal sense of shame and inadequacy – it’s no wonder i don’t answer the phone or go out in public.



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