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Hey everyone.  As you know, I recently started blogging over at  The site helps parents find preschools, activities to do in their local area, and provides a ton of parenting articles.

Today the My Savvy Source social networking site is officially launching (see the screenshot below).  This new feature includes homepages where you can share your child’s favorite books, toys, and gear, as well as your favorite spots within the city you live.  If you are looking to meet other parents nearby, there are city/metro-area specific groups for parents.  I am managing the San Francisco Bay Area group, for instance (send me an email if you would like a direct invitation to the group!).  Not only are these groups a great way to meet other parents, you can also get ideas about what to do with your kids (i.e. favorite kid-friendly restaurants) and upcoming events.

My Savvy Source

My Savvy Source

If you live in a more remote area that isn’t supported by a city-specific group, there are also age related groups, birth month groups, and groups for 20-, 30-, and 40-something aged parents.  You can see the groups I’ve joined in the screenshot.

Please go check out the site and explore what it has to offer!  I could use everyone’s help in making this a successful launch, so please join and invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, etc.!  Oh and don’t forget to friend me.  🙂

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