Eucerin Skin First Pledge and Giveaway

When I attended BlogHer I took Eucerin’s skin first pledge.  Most of my life I’ve been very concerned about my skin and treating it well.  Not only am I very pale, prone to sunburns and break-outs, and have highly sensitive skin, but my mother hand skin cancer before she was even 35.  Putting my skin first is kind of a no brainer for me.

My son’s skin is even more sensitive than mine,  and after a breakout of red, scaly, dry skin patches when he was an infant, our Pediatrician advised us to limit baths, avoid all manner of bath products, and slather him in lotion.  We were given a sample of fragrance free Eucerin lotion and it totally healed the irritated patches of skin.  We’ve been using it ever since.

Upon taking the skin first pledge, I received the bag of Eucerin lotion products pictured here (contents: Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Body Lotion, Daily Skin Balance Hand Crème, Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30, Health & Wellness Journal).  Eucerin reached out to me after the conference to offer these full size product sample bags to two of my readers, as well.

So, dear readers, in order to win this giveaway please leave a comment telling me how you take care of your skin.  If you tweet this offer, you will get an additional entry (please leave an additional comment with the URL of your tweet – it will not count otherwise).  I will choose two winners with the help of on Friday, August 27th.

For more information about Eucerin products:

Disclosure – Receiving the bag of Eucerin products at BlogHer has in no way, shape, or form, affected my personal review nor mandated that I host a giveaway.  I will not receive compensation for this post and giveaway.

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14 thoughts on “Eucerin Skin First Pledge and Giveaway”

  1. While I hate sunscreen, I am good about taking care of my skin otherwise. I use natural facial soaps (Tea Tree Oil products from Body Shop) and I only use high quality makeup on my face as well. I wear a lot of lotion on my hands (dealing with paper all day long leads me to dry nasty fingers if I don't). If I were to win, putting on a facial lotion that contains such a high SPF will only help me keep my skin looking young!

  2. I love using good thick cream in the winter. I have taken to making sure my facial lotion/cream has spf in it. I use more natural line of beauty with plant extracts that help my skin in the long run. I'm loving Korres and Ole Henriksen for my skin care needs.

    If I win this bag of goodies it will help me keep my boys skin in great shape.

  3. How do I care for my skin? Well I've finally figured out that sun screen is not just for summer when you live in SoCal. I like to use facial moisturizers with spf but it's often hard to find something that doesn't make me want to scrape my face off. (Sensitive much?) I also started using mineral foundation because my sister in law promised me it acts as an extra barrier against the skin, but most days it's wash -n- go with a drop of lotion+spf 35.

    At my brother's wedding up in Edmonton everyone commented enviously at how tanned I am. I tried to tell them that it wasn't a good thing. When we're all 50 they'll look 30 and I'll look like an old leather shoe! I've finally accepted my pastiness and now I'm getting colour. NOO!!!

  4. I live in the desert, so taking care of my skin is uber-important, especially my feet! I use a cream hand-made by a local dermatologist, made with lots of beeswax & coconut oil. I like to use Eucerin on my elbows and hands because it absorbs quickly and keeps my skin moist for longer than other products. Great giveaway – we all need to pay closer attention to the biggest organ! 😉 xo

  5. I never go outside without sunscreen, use lotion religiously and visit my dermatologist regularly. Recently I discovered the benefits of coconut oil, but it takes forever to soak in and I wind up smearing it on everything. I would love to give Eucerin a try!

  6. I stopped washing my face a few years ago. It's never been clearer. I use coconut oil in the depths of driest winter, and mineral makeup (Sweet Libertine or MAC) removed with baby wipes on the rare occasion I put makeup on at all. Other than that, I leave it alone. Kind of like piercings; most piercers will tell you the best way to care for it is LITFA: Leave it the Frak Alone, and my skin is happiest when I follow that advice.

  7. I have incredibly dry skin by nature so I use a moisturizing soap when bathing and try and use a lotion with shea butter (I really like Eucerin products too because they seem to be thicker and moisturize better than other brands I've tried) everywhere!

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