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My boy is 5 tomorrow.  Rather than shower him with more toys than he possibly needs, I thought it would be better to give him an experience.  So we’re waking up bright and early(ish) to take him to the amusement park in Vallejo called Discovery Kingdom.  He has alternately been excited at the prospect and worried about the rides.  I’m hoping he sees how fun the kiddie roller coasters are and goes for it once we’re there!

His dad and step-mom threw a birthday party this past Sunday in a park (pictures are here).  A bunch of kids came and everyone ran around being goofy.  Jack got a ton of “help” with opening birthday presents and was a very good sport about it.  He got a ton of awesome stuff and we were able to split up the ‘loot’ between our two households without trouble.

He is growing in leaps and bounds.  He is out of the T-sizes completely now.  He goes through shoes like nobody’s business (each pair lasts maybe 2 months) and it seems like he never stops eating (or talking).  That kid will pretty much eat anything.  I think his favorite food right now is pickled cabbage!

He can read and write so many words and sentences.  He has asked questions like, “why does elephant have a p in it?”  I was only slightly annoyed by a recent picture he drew because I was also proud that he spelled it all on his own (the yin yang is a product of seeing Kung Fu Panda not too long ago):

He knows a ton about Vikings and Jotuns, thanks to his dad.  He’s going to be quite the History buff in school, I’m thinking.

Jack loves aliens and “scary shows.”  Scooby Doo is his favorite, followed closely by Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.  He spends a ton of time drawing aliens and constructing Lego spaceships.  It doesn’t seem to matter that I suck with Legos – I just tell him it’s a space buggy or space glider and he totally buys it.

He is amazing with little kids.  He is the popular one in daycare and also the oldest.  His little friends gather around when he arrives in the morning to see what he’s brought with him and to show him anything they’ve brought.  It’s damned adorable!  Jack’s little cousin Sabrina was here this weekend and Jack was so good about showing her how to do various things (like putting toys back on the shelf in Target) – even when Sabrina wasn’t so much about listening.  It seems like he was a born leader and a born older brother figure.  That makes my heart squishy.

He seems to be more afraid of things lately.  He worries about monsters in the dark and asks about death.  I have been assured that this is fairly typical of a 5 year old.  Still, it hurts my heart when he cries for an hour because he’s afraid his friend Syndey is going to “stretch her arm into our house and steal [his] books.”  It’s heartbreaking and hilarious all at the same time.

I can’t believe I have a five year old.  Happy birthday, sweet boy.

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  1. Time flies by so fast! Have fun at Discovery Kingdom. Have you ever been to Gilroy Gardens? It’s a pretty cute place to check out if you’re ever down that way and most of the rides are geared toward younger kids…

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