Good Things

Cream of wheat (lumpy)

Pumpkin spice (in a latte or oatmeal)

Stomping on crunchy leaves in the fall

Raspberry or cherry almond (anything)

Lykke Li

Virgin America (and mini vacations)

The cool side of the pillow

Long sleeve cuffs that extend over my palms

Fleece hoodies

Caresses on the neck

The ability to keep certain thoughts and imaginings private


Migraine medication


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2 thoughts on “Good Things”

  1. I think I need to make a list like this. Just the simple things. Maybe play some Sound of Music and think of my favorite things. Glad things are going well =)

  2. Wow my first time reading a blog and it was the one about your grandmother AkA flowers in the attic! Anyways great blog , you really went through a lot and i don’t believe anything is by coincidence there is a reason for everything. But with what little you have shared I say you should write a book. Im sure you have more to tell.

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