Hustle and Bustle

Last week at work was brutal. I am not quite sure how I made it through. I think I’m still recovering.

Amidst the stress of work, I had THREE posts published elsewhere. I revamped and combined my prior posts about my dad for World Aids Day and posted it on Band Back Together, and I wrote a brand new piece for Postpartum Voice in which I talk about the details of my postpartum depression for the first time. The third I won’t directly link here due to its sensitive nature, but you can hit me up on Twitter or via email if you are interested in it (and haven’t already read it).

We’re still dealing with fear at home. Jack is sleeping with his bedroom light on every night now, which is a change from the first 5 years of his life. He now watches Dora the Explorer and Berenstein Bears instead of Scooby-Doo and Ben 10. We’ve acquired the Scaredy Squirrel books and “When I Feel Afraid.” Nothing seems to be particularly helpful. We may just have to ride this one out.

With that said, and while I know that this is a phase that kids Jack’s age go through, I’m wondering if some of the stresses his families are dealing with (unemployment in both households, for one) might be contributing and/or if school issues may be having an impact on him. It seems like he has more trouble sleeping and is tired more often these days.

Jack’s teacher has started sending his incomplete classwork home for him to finish. This is super fun (not)! I don’t even know what to do about that. For now we are just continuing to encourage him to finish his projects in class and emphasizing that we all want him to do his work well. This may be another area where the reward of money will motivate him (that’s how he potty trained)…hm…

On the good news front, I recently won a $500 Apple gift card thanks to my attendance and participation in a Twitter party hosted by WOOHOO!! The site is pretty cool – you can basically create a digital scrapbook of life’s events with photos and such and it’s got some nifty social media enhancements. I haven’t had much time to play around with it but I did create an account and will definitely futz with it. It looks fun!

I also won passes to the new Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. I’m super psyched to take Jack there!

My birthday is at the end of this week and so the promise of cake and dinner with friends is keeping me in decent spirits. Oh and I’ve gotten nearly all of my Christmas shopping done and the presents are mostly wrapped, too! Now I just need to take down the Halloween decorations…

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  1. Oh, dude. 🙁 I’m so sorry Jack’s struggling. They’re so freaking perceptive. Sending you all buckets of love. <3

  2. Just out the halloween decorations on the christmas tree! It’ll be different and fun. Besides, if retailers can put halloween decorations on sale next to christmas decorations, what else do they expect us to do?

  3. Happy birthday a little early!

    My daughter went through a scared stage, and it was definitely linked to upheaval in our lives. I’m sorry Jack is dealing with that.

  4. Years ago, when Paul was previously unemployed (not to be confused with now — isn’t this economy the pits?) and it had been dragging on, we got to a really difficult stage at home. We were all just white-knuckling through until something changed for the better. Red was biting his friends and Blue forced himself to start sucking his thumb. (New Year’s resolution: break that habit. ugh.) While the thumb-sucking remains as a habit, the other negative behaviours the boys were exhibiting by month 10 of unemployment have all vanished when the stress left. Maybe things will normalize for Jack, too, when the rest of the world normalizes.

    That said, our good friends who have never struggle with unemployment have children that developped all sorts of phobias around ages 4 and 5. But they grew out of them, and aren’t afraid of “museums” anymore, thankfully.

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