Eight Weeks of Delayed Intensification

Tomorrow is the day. Jack starts the Delayed Intensification part of his cancer treatment. It will last eight weeks and add at least eight medications (seven of those are chemotherapy) to the two he is taking now. He’ll take four medications at home – the rest he’ll receive through his Broviac catheter or by spinal injection. He’ll visit the clinic three times within the next ten days alone.

I’m terrified.

So far all of this has been relatively easy, all things considered. We’ve actually managed to forget sometimes that Jack is sick at all. This won’t be the case during this phase. He’ll almost certainly lose all of his hair and experience nausea and vomiting – at least five of the meds list those as likely side effects, not to mention weight loss. He’ll ache and he’ll be moody and he likely won’t sleep well. I can only hope he doesn’t experience the side effects that would result in long-term damage to his body.

I’m filled with dread. Jack’s tired already – we all are – and the hardest part hasn’t even started yet.

Please let these next eight weeks fly by.

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  1. Light and love to all of you.

  2. Oh, I wish it was going to just keep being so (relatively) easy. You know I’m here to vent to. ((hugs))

  3. Thinking of you and Jack…

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