Playing Musical Wheels

Within about a week, we acquired a brand new car and I got a loaner electric car to test drive thanks to Klout. Five cars were sitting in front of our house for a couple days there, including that of David’s sister who has just relocated to the area and stayed with us for a couple of weeks.

Firstly, because apparently I’m interesting or something, I was offered a pretty awesome Klout perk – a two-day loan from Chevy for their electric Volt. I’d never driven an electric car before, so I was happy to sign up. A local Chevy dealership dropped the car off at my house one morning and I got to commute back and forth to work for a couple days on their electric/gas tank. I was getting about 50mpg – HOT!!

If you haven’t seen the Chevy Volt, it’s faaaancy. Back-up camera, beeping when you get too close to another car, push button to start it up, Bluetooth and OnStar technology. Two days was not enough to fully utilize all of these fun things! And even though it was a smaller car, we were able to fit four people in it with the dog in the hatchback (he was quite comfy and got to poke his head between the back seats).ChevyVolt


Around this same time, the transmission in our 9-year-old Subaru Outback went and started dying (don’t we have the best luck?!). There was also some sort of crazy leak in a bad, bad place (I was told a couple times but my head went LALALALA). The cost to fix it? $4-6k (so you know it’d actually be $6-8k). The car had 120k miles on it and just…wasn’t worth it. Not to mention, we didn’t HAVE that kind of money ’cause we just spent all our money on our house just a few weeks prior. Hot damn!

So off we went (to Costco! did you know they have a car program?) and got something we really love – a 2013 Mazda CX-5 Touring. It’s comfortable, fits all our stuff, can take us to Tahoe in the snow, gets excellent gas mileage for an SUV (we’re at nearly 29mpg right now) and is freaking FUN to drive. Not to mention I don’t get lost anymore because it came with in-dash navigation that talks to me. Woot! Oh and my favorite thing about it – if someone gets into the blind spot, a little light pops up on the side view mirror, then the car starts beeping if you try to veer that way. Safety feature FTW!

What did we do with the Subaru? Well, donated it, of course. I found out that Make-a-Wish takes car donations, so I contacted my local chapter of Wheels For Wishes and they picked up the car a couple days later. It was easy-peasy and we’ll get to write off whatever amount they are able to sell it for at auction – PLUS help make wishes come true for kids like Jack (which reminds me, I need to put in the request for him to meet Lady Gaga – true story).

We are now down to just two cars – I gave back the Volt, David’s sister moved out, and the Subaru is being auctioned off somewhere in SoCal. But all the bells and whistles I’ve gotten to test out have made it clear that my little ‘ol Civic is behind the times…maybe in a few years I’ll get to trade that puppy in.


Disclosure: I am not being provided with any compensation for this post; however, I did receive a free loan of the Chevy Volt to test out. I was not asked nor required to write a review for the program, and all words here are my own. Please see my Disclosure policy page for more details.

3 thoughts on “Playing Musical Wheels”

  1. This post is full of awesomeness. I love that you got to test out an electric car – that has to be one of the best Klout perks I’ve heard of (although that box full of Sharpies I got is a close second!)

    So happy you were able to find a car that would work for you, and that it has all those nifty safety features.

  2. Super cool about all the cars!!!
    I just added you to my feed reader, so I can be more-regular in keeping up with the blawgs! ;p

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