The Great Shoe Struggle Of ’13

Last week I threw my hands in the air and waved them around like I just don’t care whole self into the challenge of finding shoes for Jack. We did end up finding a pair at Payless. They are Airwalks (really) and look like this:

They only had this single pair in a size 13. 13 is the cap on “little kids” sizes or something. And then they go to 1 again. And have different styles and such.  Or something. I’m no expert in kids shoes. Or adult shoes, for that matter. I own a bunch of pairs of Clarks and a couple pairs of Roxy and that’s it. (I’m picky, too.)

Anyway, these shoes aren’t available in big kids sizes. And they are girl shoes – not that I care but another kid at school did make fun of Jack for wearing girls shoes. Kids are jerks.

Summer is coming and we live in a hotter climate that we used to. It’s likely to be 90 degrees regularly this summer. Not to mention Jack’s feet are going to grow. And a single pair of shoes gets worn out QUICKLY. He needs more shoes!

So, like I said, I threw myself into the challenge. I ordered nine pairs of shoes from Zappos (since they do free shipping and returns) in a variety of brands and styles. They all looked lightweight and comfy. They arrived yesterday and Jack tried them all on and in a matter of 15 minutes or so they were all deemed AWFUL.

I have illustrated the reasons below:



My kid can’t even wear Crocs, you guys! Or Keen, Lacoste, See Kai Run, Sanuk, Cienta, or Morgan & Milo. He really wanted those brown Crocs to work – he loved the yeti on them. He chanted “please oh please oh please oh please” while trying them on. Still, no luck.

And yeah, I tried to get him to try them without socks. He refuses to not wear socks. He wears socks to bed! Feet must have socks!

So I packed up over $400 worth of shoes into a box, and back to Zappos they shall go. Thank goodness for a generous return policy!

** This post is not sponsored but I would totally accept money to ease my emotional pain.

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  1. Kids are jerks. Ugh. They are brown boots – it should be fine for a girl or boy to wear them.

    • I know! I did mention to him when we bought them that “some kids may think they are girl shoes” just to give him some warning. He’s at the age where the kids really start to divide by gender. Rough timing!

  2. I don’t know if any of these will help, but here are a few links to manufacturers of clothing/shoes for kids with “Tactile Defensiveness”

  3. I can’t imagine. Of course, my kids just need their shoes to light up, they’re not so worried about actually being comfortable. That said, when the middle boy was younger and pickier, the only shoes he liked to wear were Merrells ( He wore them every day and he outgrew them before they wore out.

    Good luck.

  4. Gracious. Poor dude. Poor you.

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