2010 Goals – Year End Status

With four days left in 2010, I thought it would be good to review how my goals panned out this year.  I’m counting 66 goals as completed, which lands me at 60%.  I am calling that a great accomplishment!

There are some things left undone that I have decided aren’t important to me any longer and will revise for next year.  Others that are still important (even some that are completed) will be included on next year’s goal list.  I’m not exactly sure if I’ll compile such a large list for 2011 but the challenge is pretty fun so…maybe!

  1. Read a book – something other than a kids book – I’m halfway through Never Let Me Go (still working on it)
  2. Replace the rear breaks on my car
  3. Pay off my student loan
  4. Create a scrapbook of Jack’s artwork
  5. Obtain wardrobe storage for Jack’s room
  6. Reorganize our master closet
  7. Reorganize my side of the bed
  8. Finalize my divorce
  9. Marry David
  10. Travel abroad – Italy in September!
  11. Visit my friends the Scotts in Salem, OR
  12. Stick with an exercise routine
  13. Go bowling with David
  14. Go wine tasting in Napa/Sonoma – April
  15. Get savings account to at least $300
  16. Maintain at least $300 in savings account  – the wedding kind of did this one in…
  17. Have fewer migraines overall this year I did have less thanks to Midrin!
  18. Take Jack to a movie theater for the first time
  19. Buy comfortable heels
  20. Get my tattoo touched up
  21. Research preschools – um, kindergartens…done, now to apply
  22. Attend a concert – Tom Petty in June
  23. See a play or musical – Compulsion starring Mandy Patinkin at Berkeley Rep
  24. Watch five classic movies – From Russia with Love, Citizen Kane, Harvey, The Godfather, Wizard of Oz
  25. Obtain contact lenses
  26. Get a new cell phone – bought a new piece of crap in May
  27. Hire a maid
  28. Go to a theme park
  29. Go camping
  30. Play miniature golf
  31. Eat lunch regularly ongoing
  32. Drink at least one glass of water per day – I didn’t do this every day but I got a LOT better
  33. Finish one of my quilts-in-progress – I didn’t even touch one
  34. Make more money than I did in 2009 got a raise this year, got paid for writing
  35. Save up ahead of time for Christmas gifts – counting this since I didn’t put any on the credit card!
  36. Get my poor car an oil change
  37. Update my resume
  38. Replace my squeaky shoes
  39. Try out teeth whitening
  40. Have my eyebrows dyed
  41. Take a college class – QUIT (David pointed out it doesn’t say “finish”)
  42. Get a nice necklace (i.e. not costume jewelry) – David bought me one for Christmas
  43. Publish my year 3 blog book through blurb
  44. Go skiing
  45. Learn to play poker decently good enough
  46. Catch up on filing at home
  47. Get up to doing 10 push-ups comfortably again
  48. Get Jack potty trained at home – he could poop and pee in the potty as of April!  No looking back!
  49. Get a Dyson vacuum cleaner got a cheaper one with better reviews actually 3/28/10
  50. Buy new undergarments
  51. Catch up on the Heroes series – completed 3/26/10
  52. Replace luggage
  53. Visit Alcatraz
  54. Learn basic yoga poses
  55. Buy cute pajamas
  56. Buy a GPS unit Beth gave me one!
  57. Donate to charity
  58. Obtain nail polish remover
  59. Write & send a letter the old fashioned way
  60. Start saving for a house – we made a plan…
  61. See a chiropractor
  62. Take a dance lesson
  63. Wash my car
  64. Sing at karaoke
  65. Learn how to enjoy relaxation
  66. Ride my bike a few times a month
  67. Floss my teeth every day – I achieved this about 90% of the time
  68. Watch the Firefly series
  69. Be a better blog commenter
  70. Have a family portrait taken – took one at Science Academy, at wedding
  71. Send out Christmas cards
  72. Eat at a French restaurant
  73. Have breakfast in bed – had french toast and fruit on Mother’s Day
  74. Get a professional massage – 4/1/10
  75. Figure out how to get my files off the external hard drive with the weird blinky light
  76. See a movie in the theater with David
  77. See a movie in the theater with a chick friend – saw two!
  78. Have a girl’s night
  79. Bake a (good) pie
  80. Dress up for Halloween – Star Trek costume
  81. Visit a national park or monument that I haven’t been to
  82. Eat at an Ethiopian restaurant
  83. Take Jack to a zoo SF Zoo in August
  84. Find a go-to hiking place – Mt. Tam?
  85. Do something new with my hair
  86. Surprise someone with a flower/chocolate/etc. delivery –  old boss, David at new job
  87. Visit my (paternal) grandparents they came to the wedding
  88. Write a chapter of my life story
  89. Take a friend to traditional tea time
  90. Go ice skating
  91. Assemble a disaster kit
  92. Watch at least one of The Godfather movies
  93. Participate in Project 365 –started but quit
  94. Cook Kase Knoephla based on my Great Grandma’s recipe
  95. Investigate my ancestry/heritage
  96. Get my car (the Subaru) a tune up David did that
  97. Get a mani/pedi every other month or so nailed it!
  98. Wear a dress or skirt once a week – started in Jan, then quit, then almost made up for it in Italy
  99. Finish my photo project for my mom
  100. Set birthday reminders on my google calendar
  101. Set up gift idea tracking lists for friends and family
  102. Attend a blogger-based social event – BlogHer!
  103. Write a bereavement letter to my dad
  104. Put all of my favorite recipes into a binder
  105. Tell Jack I love him every day – ongoing
  106. Tell David I love him every day – ongoing
  107. Write thank you notes that have nothing to do with gifts
  108. Respect my own limits by saying no more often – ongoing, getting better
  109. Daydream about the future – ongoing
  110. Enjoy my life every day – ongoing and succeeded about 95% of the time!
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Halloween with Bat Boy

Halloween was busy for us this year.  We ended up getting a ton of use out of Jack’s bat costume.  First we went to the Goblin Jamboree at the Bay Area Discovery Museum where Jack rode a pony for the first time, met up with chickens and rabbits and goats at the petting zoo, got his face painted, and experienced a kiddie version of a haunted house.

When we got home I did a little decorating around the house, including trying out these decals I got from Stampin’ Up! (yes, that is self-promotion right there – I am a demonstrator) and putting together these treat bags for Jack’s daycare buddies.

My employer invited all the employee parents to bring their kids in on October 28th so Jack got to pal around with me at work for a bit.  He had been begging to go to work with me instead of daycare each morning, so I was happy to finally be able to oblige him.  He was very excited, but he got over it pretty quickly and by the second hour he decided to hide under my desk.  He did leave me this drawing on my whiteboard (and asked me to write the names of each alien).

Halloween itself was pretty chill.  All of Jack’s parents got together to take him for a spin around the block.  I think Jack likes seeing the other kids in costume more than anything else – he was done with Trick-or-Treating after a block and a half or so.  He then said he wanted to go home and finish his dinner.  We handed out candy for a while and then Jack went to bed right on time.  It was surprisingly easy…how’s that for eerie?

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Truthiness Day 14: Goodbye to you

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Dear Dad,

Where do I begin?

When I was a child you were the person I looked up to the most.  You were smart, good looking and talented even beyond music, art, and sports.  My world revolved around you; when my mom told me to go to sleep so that I could wake up and see Mr. Sunshine, I thought she was talking about you.

With all that you had going for you, I don’t understand how you could do the things you did.  You seemed to carry so much life, yet you destroyed that light with drugs.  You then left the evidence behind for me to find and I had to ask my mother, “Why is daddy sniffing sugar?”  How could you pack your things and leave my mom while she was 6 months pregnant with your third child together?  Do you know that she had a panic attack when she came home to an empty house?  You then proceeded to max out the credit card buying things for your new girlfriend while my mom worked the night shift at the gas station to make ends meet…while your girlfriend was being swathed in the fur coat you bought for her, my mom was held up at gun point on more than one occasion.

You were neglectful and reckless.  You left me in charge of my younger siblings while you went out to party before I was even 9 years old.  You nearly drove us off the side of the levee into the river in your VW Bug regularly just so you could get a thrill.  I still can’t get anywhere near the side of a cliff without dealing with panic and vertigo.  I also can’t pick up the telephone without suffering severe anxiety thanks to your yelling at me for forgetting phone numbers when calling Information on your behalf.

Recently I learned that you hit me in the stomach because I left the table without asking for permission.  I was 3 or 4 years old.  I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that one.

I’ve heard a lot of excuses for the things you did, and so much blame has been shifted to others.  I think my grandparents still put you up on a pedestal, believing that you were their golden boy who could never do wrong.

I missed you for a long time after you died.  Now I can’t help but think of how much more damage you would have caused in the lives of others if you had lived past 30.  I barely remember the good things because there is just so much bad to eclipse them.  I wish I could still pretend that you were a good dad.  I wish I still had my hero.



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Truthiness Day 5: Home Sweet Home

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

I hope to own a house.  David and I have recently started doing our research on buying a home.  We are looking into first time home buyer programs, assessing our credit and our buying power, and checking out listings to get a better idea of where we would and would not live.  We have a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, and moderate dreams.  But we are worried that it won’t happen.  Two years ago the idea of buying a house wasn’t even on our radar.  We have no down payment saved up (although we aim to do that in the next year).  We make just a little too much for a CalHFA loan (which would help with the down payment) but not enough to be saving money for a house at the moment.  And if the market recovers before we are ready to buy, the houses that are currently within our financial reach probably won’t be anymore.

We are both scared shitless because OMG buying a house is a HUGE deal.  We’ll owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank.  We need to make wise decisions and plan and know whether this house will be our home long term or a starter house or what.  We are considering our jobs and the likelihood that we will stay with them, or at least continue to commute to the same area for the foreseeable future.

We want a home.  We want roots here in the Bay Area.  We want a place where we can plan our future and build our family together.

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Unexpected Honeymoon Happenings

  • Losing my passport in Munich
  • Big food portions
  • Italians speaking amazing English
  • Affordable wine at restaurants (like – 8 euro for a bottle!)
  • Throwing up in a bidet
  • Trannies on the train to Florence
  • Peacefulness of Venice
  • Bad coffee…a lot
  • Bad pasta – just once (they took ‘al dente’ to a whole new level)
  • Getting tons of sleep
  • Watching football at an American bar
  • The terrible American food at the American bar
  • Coming home $1000 under budget

Pictures here.  We had a blast!

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