Ready, Set, Potty

We are very suddenly potty training. Well, training isn’t really the word. On Sunday Jack came to me and announced that he wanted to use the potty. I pulled out the Baby Bjorn potty, pulled his pants and diaper down, and read him a book about peeing and pooping while he did both on the potty. It was surprisingly easy. We clapped and were proud!

Monday night the same thing happened, so yesterday I sent Jack to daycare armed with pull-ups training pants. He used the potty five times! I had only one item to put in the laundry yesterday and that was a pair of cloth training pants. Yay! Last night he did not want to use the potty, but this morning at daycare he couldn’t take his eyes off the potty. Funny kid.

I am amused by this turn of events. Mostly I think it’s interesting that I didn’t have to do much at all – that Jack told me when he was ready to use the potty. I love it when things just fall into place like this; I’m a huge fan of parenting along the path of least resistance!

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Contrary Kid

Jack spent most of Saturday naked.  He refused to wear even a diaper or “big boy underwear.”  No pants, either.  I am completely out of ideas and just trying to hold onto my patience (and failing).  Getting him out of the house is pretty impossible.  In order to get him to his dad’s yesterday we distracted him with a book long enough to get his diaper and pants and socks on, then the gig was up.  I grabbed him and stole away quickly to the car to wrestle him into his carseat before he could disrobe.  He cried and fought the entire time.

I don’t have a problem with him running around naked but it would be nice to be able to leave the house.  Also we had guests over and I had to explain that Jack has decided to become a nudist and is potty training.  He is grasping the toilet idea really well and has gone pee in the potty several times, but I have cleaned up several messes of both types and his bed now stinks of pee because he keeps stripping in the middle of the night.

Any and all ideas and input are welcome.  This has been an extremely challenging time and it feels like the newborn stage in so many ways.  I feel powerless!  At the same time I am proud of Jack for deciding to grow up.  It’s just that it’s happening so quickly!

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It's potty time

Diaper struggles continue but we have had a breakthrough, I think.  Last night I took Zen Mama’s suggestion and told Jack that he had to wear his diaper or sit on the potty.  That started an hour long struggle to get him to either put on a diaper or sit on the potty…STUBBORN child!  Finally I told him that if he peed on the potty we would clap and have a party.  His face lit up and he sat right down.  Since then he hasn’t wanted to get off of the potty and he won’t stop talking about it!  I started to get a little worried when he sat on the potty after 20 minutes trying to get more urine out…I didn’t know how to explain that he was done for the time being.

I was able to get him into a diaper for bed but he took it off this morning and peed in the bed.  At least he knows the diaper comes off when he needs to use the facilities…now if I can just catch him before he pees in the bed and sit him on the toilet.

I feel like we are on potty training hyper speed!  He doesn’t want anything to do with diapers anymore.  I am not sure what to do because he won’t wear his training pants, either.  And what the heck do I do at night?  Time to get out the potty training book, I guess!

By the way, our party consisted of a blue lollipop and some brownies.  Oh, and lots of clapping and “I’m proud of you” and “You’re such a big boy!”  I should get him some balloons probably…

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