All About That Baby

Desmond is 8 months old. I just…how? How is he 8 months old already? He’s like a real person! He loves and laughs and chases our pets and has thoroughly become an integral part of our family.

IMG_4869 (2)

He is 18 lbs, 9 oz and 28″ long. He is in 12 month clothing.

The positional plagiocephaly we were monitoring has been downgraded from moderate to mild. It’s almost gone completely!

He’s been crawling for a while now. It started with creeping around 6 months and now he does a weird combo of the army crawl and an inchworm type of thing. He’s clearly got his own way of doing things. He is starting to climb, too. He can climb right over me to get to an electronic device or the dog.

IMG_4814 (2)

He likes the sounds of rattles, crinkly toys, and honking toys, and he goes directly for a hard surface whenever he can to smack it or bang a block against it. He pushes toys and books through the bars of his crib.

We’ve started solid foods, albeit slowly. He is enthusiastic, even if he doesn’t exactly seem to like anything I give him. The exception to that would be when I recently let him nom on part of my pizza. He LOVED that.


He is teething hardcore. Any day now his two bottom middle teeth are going to sprout. ANY DAY.

He is totally interactive now. He can hide under a blanket for a bit of “Where’s Desmond?” and he loves to knock over towers.

IMG_4884 (2)

He grabs noses and smooshes his face into mine, gumming my cheek and drooling all over me. He loves to copy a fake laugh. He is very chatty, as well. He says a lot of “di da di da da.” Sometimes this can be disruptive, like when we’re trying to watch TV or sleep at 6am.

He started clapping two days ago.

He loves his big brother. Every time he sees him, he starts laughing proactively; he knows Jack will do something crazy to entertain him!

IMG_4959 (2)

Jack, Desmond, and cousin Sabrina

Altogether, he’s pretty awesome. I think we’ll keep him.

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Emo Jack

Please tell me that my son is acting like a lunatic because he has two molars coming in and not because of his age.  ‘Cause seriously, this needs to end soon.  He is like velcro at the moment – abusive, dramatic, cranky velcro.  Everything is such a big deal!

It MUST be teeth because he doesn’t want to eat much of anything, he only wants to drink copious amounts of milk.  He wanted to nurse earlier in the evening yesterday, then decided to shun my breasts for his straw cup of “chocolate” milk (which in our house is code for regular whole cow’s milk).

He didn’t want to build, or color, or play guitar, or read.  He just wanted me to hold him (and ONLY me) and carry him around.  Which would have been okay if he didn’t start hitting me over the head or smacking me in the face.  Also, it was hot yesterday and he weighs a ton, but I would have held him anyway if he would snuggle with me instead of beating me.

He refused to go to bed until after 10pm, and at that point would not even nurse down.  He instead chose to drink more “chocolate” milk, then flopped around the bed for a good 30-45 minutes before falling asleep.  He was up for the day at 6am.  Oy.

This is just a short phase.  This cannot be the terrible twos.  I mean, the part where he flipped out a few nights ago because Joe insisted that he take his socks and diaper off to get into the bath – that was most definitely a symptom of terrible twos.  But this nutty toddler who has been with us for almost a week now is so unlike my smiley Jack and OMG, the thought of a year of Emo Jack is enough to send me into a fit!

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Reminder and a quick update

Reminder: Today is the last day to leave a comment on this post to get a chance to win a copy of Rebecca Woolf’s book!  I’ll be announcing the lucky reader’s name tomorrow.  I finished it in 3.5 days and absolutely loved it.  I can’t wait to hear reviews from all of you!

Two of Jack’s 2-year molars came in while I was out of town over the weekend.  He now has 18 teeth!  Only 2 left before this teething business is over (for a few years)!  YAY!  I firmly believe his recent sleep troubles are due to those molars.  He was drooling all over my side of the bed this morning.  Sheesh.

Three weeks from tomorrow we fly to Maryland to see my sister!  Since I was so happy with the service I received from the Traveling Baby Company back in December when Jack and I flew to Seattle, I decided to go through them again to rent a carseat, stroller, and baby monitor for this trip.  Their prices are great and their equipment is exactly what I would buy.  I am so excited for this visit and I can now enjoy the anticipation because I don’t have to worry about how to lug all kinds of gear along.  I can focus on worrying about how to keep Jack entertained on the plane for 5+ hours.

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What is Jack doing lately?

When Jack turned one I stopped doing the monthly updates.  I have noticed a similar phenomenon around the internet – as soon as the blogger’s kid becomes a toddler, there is a lack of updates.  I wondered about this for a long time and then it became a reality for me, as well.  Toddlers are BUSY!  They are always moving, and they really demand attention (with words!).  And as soon as I sit down in front of the computer Jack’s little hand reaches up and pounds on the keys.  He loves the computer as much as I do!

So I must apologize to my readers for not sharing more in the way of developmental milestones with Jack.  It’s basically more of the same, but more intense.  The number of new words Jack says every day is astonishing.  I can no longer keep track of what he knows in that department.  He understands even more; when we ask him to get a specific book to read, more times than not he knows what we’re asking.  He is starting to learn his colors, as well.  It seems there are a lot of things he would pick up very quickly if we thought to teach those things to him.  I am starting to understand why some kids start preschool so early.

Our struggles right now are sleep and food.  As always.  Aren’t those two things the bain of every parent’s existence?  Sleep is actually not that bad; it’s just different.  He knows when it’s bed time but he’s still trying to figure out the best way to get to sleep.  Nursing doesn’t work most nights anymore, so bedtime is now a team effort.  This usually means we go through our bedtime routine (nighttime diaper, pjs, toothbrushing, sometimes a book), nurse a bit, and then if he is not falling asleep with me Joe steps in to lay down with him until Jack squirms himself to sleep.  The whole process from start to finish is probably 45 minutes or so.  Not too bad.  Things have been a bit interrupted by some canine’s coming in, but it’s still better than the first year of his life.  Of course, the 18 month sleep regression is around the corner.  Perhaps this chaotic sleep is an indication that it has already started, or perhaps things are about to get much, much worse.

As far as food goes, I have gotten in the habit of offering food often and I don’t get bent out of shape if Jack refuses.  Joe is having more trouble with this, and I am frustrated by that.  Right now the internal struggle is: do I just do it myself (preparing food, writing “instructions”), or do I push Joe to figure it out?  I am unsure how to approach this without causing some hurt feelings.  Changes do have to be made, though, because Jack and I are ready to move away from the breastmilk reliance.

Next week is the last week Jack is at his current daycare.  We decided to wait it out rather than switching Jack for a few short weeks, and it hasn’t been too bad since various life happenings have resulted in only 1-2 days per week there.  There are moments when I really want to throttle the daycare provider (like the day Jack was sent home with damp clothes from a milk spill that she didn’t even notice and he stank of sour milk – she is freaking oblivious!) but with only a few days left until Joe’s seasonal furlough, the end is in sight.  Then we start the process all over again with a new, and hopefully better, situation in February.

I haven’t read a parenting book in quite a while.  I am walking blindly forward and for once I’m not completely freaked out by that (I really like the toddler phase!).  Anyone want to clue me in on what I can look forward to in the coming months?  Or suggest a nice book for toddler rearing?

[Lastly – I am off to Seattle in a few hours for the weekend.  You may not hear from me until next week!]

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Jack was hobbling around like a drunken sailor most of yesterday.  The only thing we can attribute this extra clumsiness to is teeth.  He is obviously teething, but I have no idea why this should affect his balance.  He trips over AIR, people!

I was feeling around in his mouth last night, trying to determine if he had something in there that he isn’t supposed to have (turned out to be food he was apparently saving for later) and discovered that two top premolars have broken through the gum.  I thought the bottom teeth would break through first since his gums are swollen and red down there, but I was wrong.  Alright!  That makes 10 teeth in 7 months.  Poor Jack.

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