What happens next?

Jack has developed stranger anxiety. It’s so strange to see my outgoing little guy shy away from people, even the people he knows but doesn’t see on a daily basis. He buries his face in my shoulder but can’t resist peaking. He will do this several times before deciding everything is fine and then he chatters away. Of course, he makes exceptions for anyone wearing shiny jewelery. He can’t resist bling!

Jack ate fine at daycare yesterday, consuming all of his milk for the day and also some sweet potatoes (his favorite). It’s funny how any time things don’t go as usual, teething is to blame. I never expected teething to be such a pain, and because I don’t want to believe my son’s mouth is hurting him so much, I often don’t recognize the signs. Since he is such a happy baby, he manages to stay in a good mood through most of it, so I guess we are just lucky.


I didn’t get a chance to write and participate in the Crazy/Hip Blog Mamas Carnival yesterday, but I’ve been earnestly contemplating my answer to their question, “What do you wish you were taught growing up?” It’s a toughy, mainly because it’s hard for me to determine what I wasn’t taught. I don’t think of the world in terms of what I know and what I don’t know. I approach life with the question, “What happens next?” I’m all about the doing. I like to be productive, hence, I’m always busy. When I’m not doing something, I’m bored, and there is little I hate more than being bored.

So I suppose I could switch that around and say that I wish I had been taught how to relax and just be. I daydream about laying out on the grass, drinking lemonade, and dozing lightly but the reality is that I am unable to let myself do that because I can’t shut my mind off. My son is teaching me how to do this more and more, so hopefully I’ll get there. Hopefully he will push me to take some time to just be.

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Grassy knoll

Joe tried to take Jack out to explore the grass on Friday.  Jack didn’t know what to think!  He kept placing a hand down to crawl and grimacing as he touched the grass.  We couldn’t help but laugh and take a picture of the look on his face, a look that says “I’m surrounded by all of this weird pokey stuff!”:


This morning we got a picture of his two front teeth, which are nearly in all the way now, and the cute outfit his aunt and uncle got for him.  Don’t you just love that double chin (and my husband’s hairy chest)?

For some reason Jack has been really picky about taking a bottle.  Could be further complications from teething, who knows?  He refused most of his bottles with Joe on Friday and only took a morning bottle at daycare today.  We’ve tried giving him a sippy cup in the past but he just chews on the spout.  I couldn’t find a non-spill straw sippy at the store this weekend, so I just bought a smaller regular sippy to try.  I’m open to hearing other ideas, as well.  I am really not sure why neither Joe nor the daycare provider has tried using a regular cup or syringe-thingy to feed him…am I the only one who worries about this stuff?  I mean, I have the boobs and he rarely refuses those, but if I didn’t have them I would be using anything I could find to try to get him to eat after 4 hours have gone by.  Am I in the minority here?

Jack is cruising now.  I can’t believe it!  I had a feeling that once he started going places he wouldn’t stop but it is just all happening so fast.  It occurred to me today that next month I’ll be working on planning his first birthday party.  !!!!  Wow.

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Early bird

Jack woke up at 4am this morning. He remained awake despite a diaper change and 30min. nursing session, so we ventured into the living room where he proceeded to destroy some cassette tapes while I surfed the internet. Yes, we still have cassette tapes. No, we don’t have a tape player. Quit asking so many questions, gosh!

An hour and a half later, Jack was shaking his head back and forth – a sure sign that teething was bothering him (and not a seizure, despite how it looks). I dosed him with Motrin and back to bed we went. After a short nursing session, he hopped out of my lap and plopped face-down on the bed where he immediately fell asleep. Poor kid. I was hoping for a break after the first four teeth made their appearance but it is just not happening.

Joe’s grandmother is in the hospital with pneumonia.  She is in good spirits but not eating, so we are worried.  She has lived a long and full life, but I’m hoping she’s not ready to check out just yet.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for a quick recovery!

To end this post on a positive note, here is a picture of Jack enjoying his first bubble experience on Earth Day (click to make it bigger).

Jack Bubbles

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Knife in my heart

Jack cried and slept fitfully last night. Joe dosed him with motrin around 2 and then we (meaning Jack & I) got maybe 2 hours of decent sleep. I was pretty dead today. The poor guy had a horrid day, as well.

I don’t expect greatness from tonight. He cried/screamed/bawled/etc. when he woke up for a diaper change about 20 minutes ago. Broke my heart!

This tooth business is excrutiating.

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Mostly mommy stuff

Jack has been sleeping better, or perhaps just more because of his teeth. I don’t know, but I am loving it. He’s been in a great mood the last two days, as well. He seems to be settling in at the new daycare, napping there and no longer throwing a fit when the provider puts him in the carseat when she picks up her kids from school. The leaky diaper situation has also been resolved, and my breasts are back to normal. All this in time to leave town!

With all that has been going on, I haven’t had any time to prepare for our trip. Tonight will be a mad dash of laundry, house straightening, car cleaning, and packing. We’ll fit dinner and play time in there somewhere, too.

Speaking of dinner, I bought some little puffy veggie things for Jack to try and he loves them! He got all uppity when I wasn’t handing them over fast enough. At least there is ONE thing he likes. Hopefully this is the gateway to other solid eating. I am hoping he doesn’t take after his dad in the food department. Joe has made great strides in the number of things he eats in recent years, but it’s still not even close to the number of things I eat, and I usually don’t care for the same things Joe likes. I am a pork and beef girl and he is chicken and fish man. I dislike fish immensely, and I find chicken very bland and boring. We eat A LOT of chicken in this house and I am so sick of it. I am hopeful that the future brings more variety to our dinners. Anyway, I am going to keep trying different veggies and fruits and I figure eventually Jack will like them if I keep giving them to him. If y’all have tips, though, I’d love to hear them. We aren’t even close to getting solids in the picture every day and I am starting to get nervous. I don’t plan to wean at a year, but it would be nice to cut back a little! A year of of breastfeeding 8-12 times a day plus pumping is really wearing on me!

Oh, and another thing for you moms out there. Where is a good place to get some cheap kid clothes, preferrably online? I don’t have a lot of time to look through the racks at Recycled Youth and I don’t find much now that Jack is bigger anyway… Jack is in SERIOUS need of clothing – all of the 12m shirts and onesies are suddenly ridiculously tight and he only has a few 18m and 24m things. He still fits in 12m pants nicely, though, and I expect that will be the case for a while. Anyway, we are in need! Would love some tips!

Here’s a cute picture of the boy as a reward for reading all of this mundane stuff…or at least glancing at it.

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