What Killed The Video Star?

I was IMing with David this morning (as I do) and he told me about a song that he is surprised he likes (Harlem by New Politics), which led me to YouTube to check it out (I don’t like it). And then I fell into a rabbit hole of terrible music videos. It was just one after another as I searched for something that didn’t suck. I saw sex where it didn’t make sense, odd characters and costumes, weird runny gloop… I decided to put together a list so that y’all wouldn’t have to endure what I did.

Although I suppose you might get curious now. Sorry ’bout that. At least I warned you, right?

WTF? Videos

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (why is she making out with the sledgehammer?)Lady Gaga – Applause (creepy!)
MS MR – Hurricane (omg gloooooop!)
MGMT – Electric Feel (just BAD!)
Churchill – Change (holy headache!)
AWOLNATION – Sail (girl needs to lay off the cigarettes, clearly)
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (is this a JOKE?)
Arcade Fire – Reflektor (um, nightmares)

I did find some passable videos. They weren’t bizarre or completely sexed up or lacking in any connection to the meaning of the actual song. They were just kinda boring, which was actually an improvement on the gloop.


Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks
Pearl Jam – Sirens
Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys
Royals – Lorde
Rihanna – Stay


Finally, I did find a few great music videos that captured the feeling of the song perfectly and didn’t have any WTF moments! These are actually worth linking.

I Approve! Videos

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop
Anna Kendrick – Cups
Tegan & Sara – Closer


And then I gave up because THREE, you guys. I found THREE.

I remember back in the day when music videos were the big thing. And now? They pretty much suck. Boo, I say, BOO. Bring back the video star!

Have you seen any good music videos lately?

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It’s All Very Complicated

It’s been a rocky start to the school year. Jack hasn’t gone a full week yet. Last week he had some chest pain so I took him into the pediatrician to get it checked out. The exam showed everything was fine, but the pediatrician decided to sent him for an xray to be sure. He told me that the chemotherapy drug Vincristine will sometimes cause something called pneumothorax – a condition which thins the lining of the lungs and essentially results in the air in the lungs leaking into the chest cavity and causing pressure and pain.

Is it just me or do the side effects of chemo always sound absolutely horrific? It certainly makes the side effects of over-the-counter medications look like nothing at all!

Anyway, the xray came back and the pediatrician could see no sign of pneumothorax. PHEW. We’re still on the lookout just in case, though, especially since we couldn’t determine whether the chest pain was stress-related or an early sign of something physical. Ugh.

This week on Monday we ran labs to check Jack’s ANC, which was just a tad over two weeks from when he restarted chemo after his hospitalization for febrile neutropenia. From what I understand, counts hit their lowest point somewhere around 7-14 days after starting chemotherapy. He was restarted at only 50% of what his previous dose was of 6mp and Methotrexate (since he was taken off, he now has to ramp up again to higher amounts), so we didn’t expect the counts to drop too much, but with cancer, you always have to check for things like that.

Unfortunately, Jack’s ANC dropped a bunch – from 1296 to 570 in a week’s time. He’s not quite neutropenic, but he’s close (below 500 keeps him home from school). He’s been feeling crappy enough that he’s stayed home from school two days this week because of various pains and low energy anyway. He’s been moodier the last few days, as well, which tends to tip me off that he isn’t feeling so great (which helps me determine if he’s exaggerating it to get out of school!).

I spoke with our oncology case manager about the ANC results and she said they’d like to test Jack to see how he’s metabolizing the 6mp. Apparently some patients have a genetic issue that can cause rapid absorption of that particular chemotherapy drug. They’ve tested to make sure Jack HAS the correct genes, but now they want to test and make sure the genes are functioning appropriately. Additionally, it sounds like he may be switched off of the oral antibiotic (Septra) he currently takes three times a week and onto an inhaled anti-fungal called Pentamidine. Apparently the additional benefit of Pentamidine is that it helps prevent pneumonia. I guess they are still concerned enough about last week’s chest pain to think it’s a good idea to switch medications.

The oncologist told me not to worry and that none of this is unusual, but I’m not exactly comforted by the fact that my son is not reacting in accordance with the standard protocol so they are looking at a special one that will protect his lungs. I’m sure that comes with new and likely slightly worse risks, as well, otherwise he would have been on that treatment protocol already.

We’re taking it in stride, though. At this point in Jack’s treatment that’s all we can do – throw our hands in the air and just go with it.


Hey, in case you missed it, you should go read my pal JJ Keith’s article on the importance of vaccination to protect immunosuppressed kids like Jack. I’ll write more about it soon, as well.

And if you’re here because of that article, welcome!

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Please excuse the dust

My site is undergoing a bit of a face lift currently.  Content and feeds should not be interrupted but my sidebars may be in and out.  Thank you for your patience!

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Winner! Bare Escentuals Eye Cream

Thank you to everyone who entered my Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Eye Cream giveaway!  I used random.org to pick the winner and came up with…

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Best spam comment ever

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