Giveaway! Bare Escentuals Eye Cream

It’s time for a giveaway here at Casa d’Ewokmama!  One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive the RareMinerals Eye Cream (a $28 value).  According to Bare Escentuals, this eye cream will:

Visibly diminish fine lines and wrinkles, restore firmness, and reduce puffiness around your delicate eye area for smoother, firmer, brighter skin. Infused with our RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex, this groundbreaking eye cream uses mineral electrolytes and Marine Peptides to rejuvenate skin around the eyes instantly and over time.

Rules of entry:

  1. Head over to the Bare Escentuals site to check out the Rethink What Matters campaign and this week’s challenge of “Rethink Public Displays of Affection.”
  2. Come back here and leave a comment telling me about your best or worst memory connected to Valentine’s Day for 1 entry.
  3. Get a 2nd entry by tweeting about this giveaway (please leave a comment with your Tweet link here) on Twitter.
  4. All comments and tweets must be submitted by Thursday, February 18 to be entered.
  5. Winner will be announced Friday, February 19.
  6. This contest is open to everyone, including first time commenters.

Good luck!

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Rethink What Matters

Bare Escentuals is starting a new campaign and asking all of us to “Rethink What Matters.”  Everyone who participates in the weekly quizzes will get a chance to win a BE product instantly, as well as have their name added to the list of those eligible to win the grand and runner up prizes.  In addition, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for the RareMinerals Eye Cream beginning 2/12.  Be sure to come back here to enter!

From Bare Escentuals:

Rethink what a revolution looks like, from going bare in public to what freedom feels like. Bare Escentuals, the mineral makeup pioneer, invites you to shake up that foundation and sound off on topics that are more than just skin-deep with their new campaign, Rethink What Matters.

Born from employees rethinking makeup itself – the beauty brand found looking good is not about using artificial gunk to cover imperfections, but about enhancing what you’ve got. In keeping with their wink-wink approach to marketing (Love MATTE Campaign), Bare Escentuals unveils playful taglines to help start honest conversations with your girlfriends. “BareMinerals SPF15 Foundation feels completely weightless, but gives you all the flawless coverage you need. Like you are wearing nothing at all.”

Bare Escentuals invites you to give rethinking a try, too. Every week at, a new discussion topic will be featured with five questions for you to answer and share with your friends by email, Facebook and Twitter. What’s in it for you? Well, good karma for one. And free products and other fantastic goodies. Plus for a few really lucky ladies, an even bigger reward that will definitely make rethinking worth your while.

This week’s topic is Rethink Your Environment.  RareMinerals Blush will be given to 500 randomly chosen participants.  Go check it out!

Full disclosure – I am not receiving any compensation or products for this post.  I like the opportunity to win free stuff and think you do, too.  One of my blog readers will win Bare Escentuals Eye Cream from the company in an upcoming contest.  Good luck!
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Birth control blues

I used to take the pill.  I tried various kinds and they either affected my depression, gave me insane PMS, or killed my libido.  I’m allergic to nonoxynol 9, which eliminates a large number of contraceptives such as the sponge.  I had the Paraguard (copper) IUD inserted about a year ago, but had it removed in the emergency room last week due to crazy amounts of bleeding and painful cramps.  Oy.  I seriously can’t win in the birth control arena.

In speaking with my doctor about other options, I was informed that the pill can also increase the risk of stroke in women who experience migraines with auras (yup, that’d be me)…so I can’t go back to that even if the other side effects weren’t an issue.  My doctor suggested the Mirena IUD due to the small amount of hormones.  Otherwise, we are left with condoms – which are less effective without the spermicide…

I’m so frustrated.  At this point, the IUD freaks me out.  That little bit of hormones freaks me out because there is a chance of it increasing my migraines (which are already unbearable).  The only non-hormonal option (since the Paraguard was so awful) at this point is condoms.  Definitely not ideal!  (And lest you think I’m ignoring the FAM, let me reassure you.  I am not ignoring it, it just won’t work for me due to my screwed up non-cycle.)

There isn’t much point to this entry except to rant about the fact that even though there have been so many advances in the sex & science field, there are still so many of us struggling to find a contraceptive that works.  Most of the complaints I’ve had are not unique – even the issue with being allergic to spermicide.  I’m just really fed up…

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If you want the password

You will have to email me –  I will glady share it – it’s just that I need to have some protection around the info.

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And the winner is…

Commenter #4

Commenter #4


Zen Mama!

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