Hello From Type A Conference!

I’m currently in Charlotte, NC with one of my favorite people – Jana from Jana’s Thinking Place. She picked me up from the Atlanta airport yesterday and then we went on a roadtrip to get to NC for the Type A Conference.

We got in last night and I’ve already met several awesome bloggers whom I had been following online for various lengths of time. This conference is much smaller than BlogHer so it’s been a lot less overwhelming. It seems to me that many of the interactions with people in the blogging world here are more significant – maybe because they last more than 5 seconds! When I attended BlogHer two years ago it was a whirlwind – this is much more relaxed.

Which is exactly why I came – relaxation. Well, that and inspiration. And inspiration is what I got – we attended a session presented by Ang England this morning on brainstorming blog ideas. And holy crap do I have a ton of things to write about now! Two pages of ideas flew out of my head. I’m SO excited to get back to writing here – I may just have found my voice again, a voice that Leukemia stomped on earlier this year.

Speaking of Leukemia, I got to chat with Anissa Mayhew last night for a good long time about how our kids have dealt with cancer. Her daughter Peyton is in remission now, so I was curious to hear if she had lasting effects. It was so nice to be able to sit and talk about the intricacies of living this new life and get encouragement to seek out support in the cancer community. I needed that push. Thanks, Anissa!

I’m having a great time here. I so needed this!

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Getting the Writing Groove Back

I had planned to write more about what I did in NY and who I met and all that but…it’s all kind of a blur by now.  My wedding is in 2.5 weeks and I’m kind of a ball of stress due to that and the fifteen billion other things I’ve got going on in my life.  It’s amazing I can walk really…

I do want to talk about the one full session I attended at BlogHer before I lose the memory!  The session was part of the Writing Lab and was entitled “Stoking Your Creativity.”  The topic was the #1 reason I went to BlogHer and the panelists addressed all of the things that I was there to figure out!

One of the panelists in the session was Rita Arens, author of the blog Surrender, Dorothy and editor of the book Sleep is for the Weak (which has been on my wish list forever…I haven’t read a book in two years!).  I got a chance to speak with Rita on Saturday night after the parties ended and felt even more enamored with her afterward.  She is a smart, funny, well-spoken, down-to-earth woman.  I am so glad I was able to meet and talk to her.

There were a couple of things that Rita said that have really stuck with me since the session, the first being “no one cares if you write that novel.”  Sure, family and friends will be happy for you but ultimately the writing is more for the writer’s personal satisfaction.  When I started writing, I definitely focused more on the fact that I had so much in my head that I needed to get out.  As time has gone by I’ve gotten much more aware of my audience and sometimes that has definitely had an impact on what and how I write.  Rita’s words were a great push for me to go back to the beginning.

At one point in the session someone in the audience asked how a blogger can switch gears and talk about different topics on the blog.  The answer was simple – use tags or categories and readers can choose to skip that entry based on that.  She emphasized that it’s okay that the writer’s mood affects the blog entries – after all, everyone experiences these in life and it shows the writer’s authenticity.  This hit home with me in a big way.  I have struggled over the past couple of years to write on this blog because of all the turmoil in my life.  Somehow I lost sight of the life/blog parallel while worrying about whether anyone would want to read what I had to say.

The live blog version of the Stoking Your Creativity session can be found at BlogHer website.  I would encourage you to check it out and also Rita’s blog.  Even better, go to BlogHer next year in San Diego and meet her!

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Goal #102

I’m moving right along on my list of 110 in 2010.  So far, I’ve completed fifteen items and have fourteen others in various stages of progress.  (At least two have been eliminated from the list – wear a skirt once a week and participate in project 365.)  Hopefully I’ll be up to 25% by the end of March, otherwise I’m going to have to work double time.

#102 on my list is “Attend a blogger based social event.”  This is how I convinced myself that it is imperative that I attend BlogHer ’10.  Well, that and the fact that I’ve never been to New York before (which is really insane because I even have family there).  I registered to attend at the end of February so that I could get the discounted pricing and thank goodness I did!  The conference is sold out now – five months early.  I’ve arranged to room with Jenny, Julia, and Lora, and to be honest I think they are all going to out-party me!  I’m totally up for the challenge, though.

Are you going to BlogHer?  If so, let’s arrange to meet.  For those of you who have been to the BlogHer conference before, can you tell me what I need to bring?  I’m the type to only pack essentials and take as small a suitcase as possible (so that I can carry it on the plane).  The last conference I went to was for Stampin’ Up! back when I was a demonstrator; I attended three of those and had a blast every time.  I may be a convention/conference junkie…

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One Busy Ewokmama

I have so many things to talk about I don’t know where to start! I want to write about Jack’s 3rd birthday party in a post of its own (as soon as his dad sends me party pictures), so I won’t talk about that here. How about a general update? I apologize in advance if this is poorly written, and will explain more on why that might be toward the end.

First off, an update on potty training. After using the potty twice at home, Jack went to his dad’s for the weekend and refused to use the potty there. He has also refused to use it since returning home, although he uses it about four times a day at daycare. I think he is hitting a point where he is afraid of growing up (did anyone see Moxie’s post about this recently?) because in addition to refusing to use the potty here, he also insists that he is NOT 3 (he would like to remain 2.5) and NOT a big boy. So, yeah. It’s not a big deal for me, though. For now, he is peeing in the potty at daycare and that is awesome. I am just happy to have a decreased amount of diaper laundry to wash!

This week has been absolutely insane. I had some major things going on with both of my roles at work, and it is the last week of my first semester in school. As you can imagine, I was pulled in many different directions and burning the candle at ends I didn’t even know it had. Finally, all of my major projects came to a close yesterday, include the second of my final projects for school. The relief is so great I woke up ill today (hence my poorly organized writing). Oh joy.

In addition to my two roles at school and my venture into college, I have gone and gotten myself involved in yet another project to which I just couldn’t say no! That project is called Savvy Source, a website with which many of you are probably already familiar. For those of you who aren’t already acquainted with Savvy Source, it is a website aimed at parents of toddlers and preschoolers who are looking for information on preschools and activities in their area. I have been hired to write for the San Francisco City Guide portion of the site and assist with some new tools the Powers That Be are unveiling. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of this, and urge you all to go over to the site now and check it out. It is fantastic!

As you can see, my life is just a tad crazy right now, but it’s a good crazy and I totally asked for all of it. I wish there was slightly less chaos, but I could not think of a single thing I’d want to give up right now. I am loving my (busy) life, which is good because I don’t think things will be slowing down any time soon!

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The blogging parent's dilemma

I’ve been out of the blogging habit for the last couple of weeks while I’ve been addressing my depression.  I have a lot going on between therapy (x3), a managing depression class, and making some little changes so that I can be the person I feel I am.  Not to mention that I am still working full time, and being a wife and a mother.

It has felt nice to put the computer on the back burner and push aside any guilt about the lack of writing.  Still, I want to chronicle all that is going on with Jack.  He is changing so much every day, growing up before my eyes.  His energy is so big and so consuming that is it hard to describe or even find time to document.  Just as our little family figures out a routine and settles in, Jack pulls out another new trick and shakes things up again.  My life is constantly in motion now and I don’t want to miss it…but I also don’t want to forget it.

I’ll am trying to find a new balance.  Maybe I won’t be as involved in the internet life but I’m happy to say that I will be more involved in my little boy’s life.

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