A Wish Come True in Time and Space

After waiting nearly two years, Jack’s wish finally came true.

Initially he’d told Make-a-Wish he wanted to meet Lady Gaga. He made a dance video to the tune of Monster (which was the first time I’d ever seen him dance!) to send to her and he waited patiently for his turn. But he kept slipping further down the list due to kids in more urgent health situations and then Lady Gaga got injured on the road and canceled all her shows in order to get surgery.

In the mean time, Jack’s interests evolved and he became obsessed with Dr. Who. He will debate with you about the scariest aliens in the series and has strong opinions about which doctor is the best (the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith, is #1! Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor is #2 and David Tennant comes in at #3). Jack has watched Dr. Who almost every day for the past two years or so. He rarely watches anything else.


Doesn’t he look like a mini Matt Smith??

Last year we decided to give his room a little makeover since we wanted to build him a loft bed anyway. We did our best to turn his room into our (weak) interpretation of the TARDIS. We had limited money, but Jack was happy with the results. He’s got a good imagination, after all, and was able to fill in the blanks.

Not soon after, we talked about his wish and he decided he wanted to change it. He wasn’t very interested in Lady Gaga anymore. Instead, he wanted to meet the aliens from Dr. Who. Unfortunately, Make-a-Wish has a rule that the kids can’t switch from one celebrity wish to another (due to the long wait lists), so Jack settled on a more extensive room makeover that would add a console to his room and really make it into a TARDIS.

He submitted his new wish back in November and then we waited. During the wait, Jack made a lot of comments about how he wished he really had a TARDIS so that he could bypass the waiting altogether. Since the project was so unique, it took some time to find the right designer to work on it. Eventually they found Julie Giampaoli from Showcase Your Place, an interior designer in the area who was up for the challenge despite not knowing about Dr. Who!

She knows now!

Julie and Make-a-Wish pooled together some awesome resources and on July 22nd, the team arrived to get to work. I’ll admit it–I was more than a little nervous when they started drilling into my ceiling. But this was Jack’s wish and I just had to trust the process.

We were not disappointed. This video of the room reveal shows Jack’s stunned reaction pretty well:


And here are more extensive pictures of the process:

Jack LOVES his bedroom. He says it’s “too awesome!”

We are all so very thankful to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, their volunteers, and supporters for helping bring Jack’s wish to fruition and put some magic back into his life. We will treasure this experience for the rest of our lives!

TARDIS Room Makeover: A Make-a-Wish Story

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TARDIS Room Makeover Results

I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles to see Jack’s TARDIS room (those who weren’t probably have no idea what a TARDIS is – so, fyi, it’s basically a time traveling space ship from the British TV show Dr. Who – on the outside it appears to be a police phone box but inside it’s infinite). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should go back and read the post about turning his bedroom into a TARDIS, otherwise this post won’t make a whole lot of sense.

Firstly, the room turned out pretty well and Jack LOVES it. He spends so much more time in his room now and he is much better about keeping it clean. There is so much more than can be done but David already got a raging cold during this process and I got a case of pink eye from spending so much time in a tiny room with lots of paint fumes. Plus, we’re pretty broke now. 😛

Anyway, please know that I’m a terrible photographer and Jack’s room is fairly small, so these pictures are not good at all. I know you can’t tell, but the bed is painted a silvery gray and the walls are a golden yellow (to make it look lit up).

Here is the horrible, disgusting, embarrassing BEFORE picture:


Here is the door to the TARDIS (paint color is Elmer’s Echo from Kelly-Moore and the decals are from bioblitz on Etsy):


It’s bigger on the inside…

This is the loft bed that David slaved over using plans from ana-white.com (we wanted to go with a bed that had stairs and a platform rather than a ladder to make it easier for Jack to get up and down when he isn’t feeling well) and painted while I was away at Type A:


I recreated the lights inside the TARDIS using cardboard cake rounds, a sharpie, and some cellophane, then used double-sided mounting tabs to stick them to the wall:


This is Jack’s view (at least, what my phone could capture) from atop his bed (before it was painted):


You might notice we do not have the control panel coming down from the ceiling with all the levers and buttons to control the TARDIS. That part stumped us – partially because we are concerned about it taking up all the space we created and also because it will be expensive and complicated to create. BUT Jack has changed his Make-A-Wish and it sounds like they are going to come create the control panel and maybe add some other awesome finishing touches to the room (maybe more storage)! So we are off the hook for that part – woohoo!

We are so proud of how this turned out. Jack finally has lots of space to play and a (clean!) room that he loves to spend time in.

The only downside is that now we can never move…

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Jack’s TARDIS Bedroom

I don’t remember when exactly we decided to do it, but once the idea was spoken aloud, it HAD to be. It became official: Jack needed a TARDIS room!

Jack’s been obsessed with Dr. Who for months. He’s watched the (new) seasons 5-7 over and over and he can tell you which episode contains which aliens and when Rory shows up as a Centurion. He’s watched other episodes, as well, but the 11th Doctor and his companions Amy & Rory are decidedly his favorites.

Every empty box that occupies our house is turned into a recreation of the TARDIS. He has also built several versions of the inside of the TARDIS with Legos, which are usually deposited in my lap.


And, of course, there are the drawings.

Inside the TARDIS by Jack.

Recently a good friend of mine decided to take a gigantic cardboard box and make a Jack-sized TARDIS. I admit I wasn’t entirely thrilled (it takes up a LOT of space) but Jack definitely was! He immediately went to work decorating the inside.


At first I thought we would just decorate Jack’s door. I found police box decals on Etsy to do just that and decided to buy some blue paint. This is what I hope it will look like (obviously I need to get Jack a bow tie):


Then I thought about it a bit more. David is building Jack a loft bed so that he has more floor space. What if we could make that the control room console inside the TARDIS? Since I wanted to paint the wood anyway, it occurred to me I could paint the bed a silvery-grey to mimic the console! And, while we were at it, we would paint the walls of the bedroom to match the inside of the TARDIS, as well. Jack’s obsession with a toy replica of one Doctor’s TARDIS provided the perfect example for a color palette.



Paint and decals are all well and good…but my craftiness knows no bounds. The ideas kept coming. I found aqua lights to light up the space underneath the loft bed kinda like this:


Image (c) 2010 Dr. Who TV

And I found some Dr. Who fabric that I can use for a curtain…

But then I got stuck. The one thing I can’t figure out how to do is recreate the circular lights on the walls of the TARDIS. My friend Jana suggested round mirrors, but adding those in are making this project cost-prohibitive… I’m also worried they might fall off the walls during an earthquake and break, so…I don’t know. Maybe plexiglass (but how would I adhere them to the wall?)…maybe some sort of sticker (where can I find those in bulk?). Cheap charger plates or pizza pans that I can buy in bulk?

I may have to say that this is good enough! We shall see.

Regardless, this is going to be SO COOL. Jack’s parents are the best, aren’t they?!

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