Astronaut Boy

As of last weekend Jack was still receiving birthday gifts in the mail.  Now every time mail comes, he thinks it’s for him!  This time around he got packages from Grandma D and Aunt Holly.  Aunt Holly sent him the BEST gift EVAR – an astronaut suit.  He has worn it every day since.

And since it’s been a while, here is an interview with our resident astronaut (please excuse the mess – we’ve had a LOT of birthday to clean up after!):

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Life with a 3 year old


Boy of steel

It's SuperJack!

It's SuperJack!

Since I neglected to take a picture of Jack in his Buzz Lightyear costume this morning, I am substituting this damned cute one.  Check out those muscles!

Fairytale boy

Jack is now full-on obsessed with princesses.  We read the program from they Disney On Ice every night before bed.  I arrived at his daycare yesterday to see him cloaked in a blanket.  I thought it was a cape but, alas, it proved to be a princess dress with a clip holding it together.  He had been insisting all day that he was Belle from Beauty & The Beast.  I’m not quite sure how Belle became his favorite but I guess she has the same color eyes and hair as him…  Apparently no one is allowed to have the same favorite princess.  He stole my favorite!  So I am now Cinderella.  That feels about right.  😛

Jack has memorized all of the Disney princesses from the show we saw.  He has bestowed a princess name upon everyone at daycare.  And yes, I have explained that in the stories the boys are princes and the girls are princesses; however, whenever I try to tell Jack the “truth” about anything, he pretty much rolls his eyes at me and says, “MAAAA-OHM, I’m just pretending!”  (I am scared of the teenaged years.)

This morning before we left the house Jack demanded to wear a pink princess dress…of course, Jack’s wardrobe consists mostly of pants and there is not a single dress or skirt to be found.  *gasp*  I will have to hit up the after-Halloween clearance sales I think.  We can’t be royalty without ball gowns!

No Embarrassment

When we left the house this morning Jack was carrying a broken crab toy (last night’s bedmate), his magnedoodle (he is drawing again!), and a rammekin full of honey nut cheerios.  He was happy as can be wearing a Superman costume shirt under a red and black plaid jacket, with David’s bike helmet turned backward on his head so that the piece that normally braces the back of the head became a mask through which he breathed loudly a la Darth Vader.  He looked very “special,” especially considering that his hair stuck up out of the slits in the bike helmet.

My kid is awesome.  I love this stage where he has no self-consciousness.  I know it is too short a time in a person’s life and I rue the day it starts to fade (although I am still not embarrassed to goof off publicly…).