Excuse me while I channel Cher

Jack is in the middle of something…I don’t know if it’s a growth spurt or a developmental spurt or both but it is pretty aggravating. The last three or four (really I’ve lost count) nights we’ve been awoken by him wailing in his sleep. My guess is that he is having nightmares. He doesn’t wake up from them and although I try to calm him by patting his back it doesn’t really help. It’s frustrating to not be able to do anything except lay there awake and listen to him moan…I have trouble falling back asleep even after he’s quieted because I hear him in my head anyway. My brain isn’t working so well during the day now.

He’s also been eating a TON. Last night for dinner he had two tubes of yogurt, 8 pieces of salami, two rounds of cheese, half of a clementine, a cookie…I think that’s it. That is a lot though! This morning before we even left the house he had one and a half fruit/grain bars and half of a banana. I swear the kid looks taller already.

Jack has also been increasingly stubborn and bossy. He wants to do things by himself and throws a fit if we interfere without being asked/told. Last night David split Jack’s orange in half and Jack flipped out and cried for 45 minutes demanding that I put it back together. Sheesh! If I could turn back time…

I can’t even imagine what things will be like two or three months from now. The leaps he makes now are so startling and I’ve barely wrapped my head around one before another one comes into play. For his dad’s birthday, I was able to get Jack to draw a J and an A on the birthday card before he refused to draw the rest of his name. Ever since then, he’s started drawing random letters (and things that look like letters) on his artwork at daycare. I can’t believe I have a child old enough to be writing! That’s just nuts!

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Is this a 2 year old thing?

Jack has grown a ton in the last couple months.  He is at least an inch taller and he is growing out of his size 6 shoes.  I have stocked up on bigger shoes in 7 and 8 – some cute Converse and awesome See Kai Run shoes.  Unfortunately, Jack refuses to wear them (if I can get them on, he throws a screaming fit until I take them off).  I don’t get it.  The ends of his shoes are fraying from rubbing against his toes that are obviously getting squished in there and yet he still refuses to wear any of the 3 new pairs of shoes I bought for him.

I am not sure what to do.  He can’t wear his sandals (which still fit) in the rain!  I wonder if he has gotten attached to the color of his old shoes?  Would it work if I bought him the same shoes in the bigger size?  Any suggestions?

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Growing Boy

Wow, I just realized I have only written four posts this month.  Crazy!  I don’t even know where all that time went.  I guess I’ll claim to have been sitting and doing a lot of deep thinking!

Jack seems to have gone through a growth spurt.  I didn’t really notice a change in his appearance but I did take note of the increased food consumption.  Suddenly his Medium diapers are on their last snaps and his clothing stash is pretty thin even though I just bought a bunch of summer clothes in June.  He has a few pairs of shoes that suddenly don’t fit him anymore, too.  It’s amazing how quickly toddlers go through stuff!  Of course, this all happens after his birthday party.  Isn’t that how life always goes?

I’ve been meaning to read up some more on toddler nutrition.  We still have Jack drinking whole milk but I do believe at some point we’re supposed to switch to 2% or something.  I am not too worried because Jack is good about regulating his food intake, and he still prefers mama’s milk over what he calls “chocolate milk.”  I haven’t made the switch because I vaguely remember reading an essay on staying with whole milk longer than 2 years.  Nevertheless, I’d better get on that research.  Knowing the answer will relieve my anxiety about the subject!

I was finally able to get Jack to come around on squeezable yogurt!  We found some organic yogurt in tubes and I figured the novelty would renew his interest.  He wasn’t too sure for a while there but over the last few days he has seen the light.  He asked for the yogurt last night and giggled after every sip.  He ate the whole thing.

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Where have I been?

Yeah, sorry folks.  I’ve just been so wrapped up in my life…

Jack and I have moved to our new apartment.  Joe is staying with us currently but it looks like he may have found a place to live up in the north bay, much closer to his place of work.  He is possibly starting his move on Monday.

The landscaping at the new place is beautiful, with streams running all along the property and ducks swimming everywhere.  Jack runs to the window a million times a day to look out at the ducks.  He LOVES the ducks.

Jack has been so incredibly amazing every day.  I am so thankful that he is in my life.  His smiling face keeps me afloat.  His daycare provider said to me yesterday, “Jack is always happy!”  He is right – Jack is an incredibly happy kid and I feel lucky to know him.

My greatest joy of late has been hearing Jack mispronounce words.  My favorites are:

“Hey mama, is that what inja says?”  (ninja)
“See the ellacracker?!”  (helicopter)

He seems to be going through a major growth spurt.  He is usually a pretty sparse eater but lately he’s been gobbling everything up.  He eats a cup of cheerios before daycare, then eats a full breakfast once there (Wednesday he ate FOUR pancakes!).  When he gets home he eats two cheese sticks.  Two days ago he finished his plate of beans & couscous.  Yesterday he ate pork loin at lunch like he was starving.  What a nice change!

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Food Update

Since my post last week after his pediatric appointment, Jack has decided that food is the best thing in the world.  Suddenly he is ravenous.  He’ll finish a whole box of raisins in a sitting, eat the corners off all the slices of pizza, and finished off a package of cherry tomatoes in a mere 3 days.  Can we say growth spurt?

He still isn’t drinking much during the day but luckily many of the foods we give him keep him hydrated and he still nurses like a champ when we’re together.  I have no idea what to do to encourage him to drink during the day, as no vessel seems to tempt him.

I like the fact that Jack can now tell us when he’s hungry.  Last night he gestured upward with his hand toward a box of Cheerios and opened and closed his fist while he chanted, “Moremoremore…”  It’s adorable.

Gosh, sometimes it seems these kids like to freak out their parents on purpose.

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