Unexpected Honeymoon Happenings

  • Losing my passport in Munich
  • Big food portions
  • Italians speaking amazing English
  • Affordable wine at restaurants (like – 8 euro for a bottle!)
  • Throwing up in a bidet
  • Trannies on the train to Florence
  • Peacefulness of Venice
  • Bad coffee…a lot
  • Bad pasta – just once (they took ‘al dente’ to a whole new level)
  • Getting tons of sleep
  • Watching football at an American bar
  • The terrible American food at the American bar
  • Coming home $1000 under budget

Pictures here.  We had a blast!

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An Object in Motion

Did you know that July is almost over?  Next week is August!  AUGUST!  I am not even sure where this year went.  I’m fairly sure, though, that the next 5.5 weeks are going to disappear along with the rest of the year…so, because I am insanely busy, you get bullet points.

  • Jack is taking another trip with his dad so I won’t see him until next week.  I am honestly too harried to dwell on missing him right now, which is kind of a blessing?  Still, I wish I could hug him and snuggle with him every day. He is even more amazing every day!
  • Way back before I had a kid, I used to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  To get back some of my creative time and be more social now that Jack is getting more independent, I decided to see what the company is all about now.  I received a postcard from them telling me about an incredible deal that would allow me to sign up to be a demonstrator again at a very small price just a few weeks after I started thinking about it…so, I am back at it, albeit with a slow ramp-up period (I’m doing very little except networking until after my wedding).  While I’m not doing workshops right now, I can take orders through my website so I’m not completely stagnant.  Come October I’m going to rock it again!
  • Next week I’m going to BlogHer!  I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should really go but obviously I haven’t decided not to go…I am way too excited about the content and the people I will get to meet!  Plus, it’s New York!!!  (By the way, I’m looking for a rideshare from JFK to the Hilton on Wednesday around 5:30…let me know if you’re around.)
  • Our wedding is in 5.5 weeks!  We have most everything in place and yet it feels like it will never come together.  There is still so much to do and so many things going on in the mean time!  I am keeping my mind set on the honeymoon and trying not to worry about getting everything done in time.  I know both David and I are in desperate need of a real vacation.  Hopefully relaxation and sleep will come with it.  I feel like I could sleep for a year right about now.
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Ducks in a Row

Image by jcoterhals via Flickr

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that as of last week (May 18 to be exact) I am an officially divorced woman!  For those of you who aren’t over there, now you know, as well!  After 19 months of paperwork hell, it is finally DONE.  Joe and I exchanged congratulations via text afterward and all was well with the world!

So, what’s next?  If you had asked me two years ago, I would have told you I would never get married again.  My first marriage did not go as expected and frankly left me with little trust in relationships.  It was very freeing to move out on my own, though, and being out of that relationship has done wonders for my state of mind.

David and I knew very early on that we had met our soul mates in one another.  I was still a bit surprised, though, when I realized that I was certain that I wanted David to be my husband.  We waited for the divorce to go through but when it became apparent that the process was going to take longer than expected, we gave up on being politically correct and got engaged anyway.  It’s rare that a day goes by that one of us doesn’t propose to the other all over again.  (Awwww…)

We’ve gone through several iterations of wedding plans but we are set now for September 5.  My dress has been purchased, the invitations are addressed, and the cake has been tasted and ordered.  It will be a small, intimate wedding with a backyard reception before we fly off to Italy for our honeymoon.  I’m so happy to be leaving the angst of a failed marriage behind.  I am so thankful that I feel healed now and ready for my life as Mrs. T.

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