Why I Marched on Oakland

On January 21st, I marched in Oakland as part of the Women’s March on Washington. I know there are some out there who don’t understand what marching accomplishes. I don’t always know the answer to that, but sometimes you feel strongly about things going on in the world and you can’t sit there anymore and do nothing. Sometimes, marching just feels right.

It was a diverse group that marched in Oakland. It wasn’t only women; there were people of every color, size, shape, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and flavor. The reasons why participants marched were many and varied.

Jack and me at the march in Oakland. Photo © Rhea Avalos.

Jack and me at the march in Oakland. Photo © Rhea Avalos.

Here are the many reasons that I marched (with my son Jack) yesterday:

  • To show that I will not be a silent victim of Trump’s fascist agenda and toxicity.
  • Because every person who marches builds up a critical mass that results in 2.5 million people, which shows that we are not a small minority of people who are concerned with the dangers of a Trump administration.
  • To show support to every person who will be targeted and harmed by Trump’s agenda and toxic atmosphere for simply trying to live their life:
    • people of color
    • LGBTQIA people
    • women
    • immigrants
    • those in need of affordable healthcare and protections against pre-existing conditions clauses
    • children who deserve to go to school without worrying about gun violence
  • To feel solidarity with my fellow citizens who also want to build a better America–an America that is constantly improving and not trying to return to the past.
  • To be part of a movement so big that it cannot be ignored.
  • To show my children what freedom means.

I will keep marching because it means something to me and reminds me what it means to be an American.

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The bad purple woman

Jack is on the mend and no longer contagious!  We trekked out to the east bay last night (braving the insane traffic that blocked westbound 80 for HOURS due to an overturned big rig) and attended the Disney Princess Classics show at Oracle Arena.  Jack was super excited, especially once he saw that my friend Christina’s little girl Alex was there.  When he saw her, he sounded like a shy, twitterpated boy: “Oh!  I didn’t know you would be here…”  What a crack up.

The noise was a little much for him sometimes but overall the night was a success.  After the fifth or so time of him asking me who some character was, it occurred to me that Jack has never actually watched any of the princess movies.  I struggled to remember some of the details but for the most part I could sing “A Whole New World” or “Under the Sea” from heart (thanks to my sister’s childhood obsession with Ariel, I used to be able to recite the entire movie) and knew most of the character’s names.  I am still not sure what to call the dancers in the Aladdin set…harem girls came to mind but I am not sure about that one.  😛

One of the funniest things about last night was when every kid in the auditorium screamed “NO!” over and over at Snow White when she was wondering aloud if she should take the apple from the old hag.  The second was Jack’s description of Ursula the ugly octopus witch from The Little Mermaid as “the bad purple woman.”  He can’t tell you which princess was which but he clearly remembers the bad purple woman!

We left halfway through the show (at intermission) because Jack started to sag and laid his head on my shoulder (and there is only so much of ice skating princesses I can take…).  I’m so glad I took Jack, though!  What an awesome memory for both of us!

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Princesses on Ice

Jack and a little girl at daycare love to play princesses together (well, until she went to preschool).  I would arrive at daycare after work to Jack dressed in a princess costume and an announcement of, “Mama, I’m a princess!”  It was just about the cutest and most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.  (I got a picture, of course.  If you’re good I’ll post it…)

I was recently contacted by MomCentral.com with an opportunity to promote the Disney Princesses on Ice show that is coming to the Bay Area.  You’d better believe I jumped at the opportunity (I love free and discounted stuff)!  I am a fan of ice skating and Jack loves princesses, so what better way to spend a night out together?  As part of this promotion, I get to pass along a discount code to my readers.  So here is your special offer, folks!

The coupon code will is MOM and you get four tickets for $44 for Monday through Friday matinee shows, or $4 off Friday night and weekend shows. The code is good for shows in both Oakland and San Jose, and can be entered in the MC Promotions box on www.Ticketmaster.com.  At least four tickets need to be purchased for the code to be valid.

Oakland dates run October 14-18 and San Jose shows run October 21-25.  I hope to see you there on opening night!

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