Half-asleep mumblings

Poor Jack has a cold for the first time in a while.  He doesn’t have a fever but he is visibly exhausted, snotty, and quite hacky.  Last night he woke up twice bawling.  I *think* he hit his head when tossing and turning but it’s hard to say because he was pretty out of it (now I know what David deals with when I try to talk to him while half asleep).  After getting him to bed the second time, I had trouble falling back to sleep and kept thinking I heard him crying.  I’m tired today.

It astounds me that I dealt with regular night waking for almost two years straight when Jack was a baby while holding down a crazy-busy full time job and getting absolutely no down time.  How did I do that?  How does anyone do that?  After being so unused to it now, I feel like a complete zombie today.  It’s a miracle that I can type!

Thank goodness we’re in an easier phase overall!  It’s days like today that remind me why I haven’t had a second child yet.  The easier things get with Jack, the harder it gets to go in the second child direction…

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Pox on him

Jack is doing pretty well with the chickenpox.  He pretty much has them everywhere, although they are barely noticeable on his face.  The worst spots are his scalp, his tongue, right near his eyes, and his diaper area (that is where he has the most!).  He’s done a superb job of not scratching (it perhaps helps that he has been getting oatmeal baths at his dad’s all weekend) so I think he may get out of this without lasting marks.  Fingers crossed!

Most of the blisters I found have crusted over so he is on the mend.  He should be good to return to daycare at some point this week.  We may be lucky enough to go see Princesses on Ice after all, as well!  Let’s hope!

Remind me to take a picture of the pox.  I think they are kinda cute.

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Oh, I See

It crossed my mind that Jack might be coming down with some sort of illness and that might be the reason for the daycare drop-off drama, but I try to avoid being a hypochondriac.  He didn’t have a fever and while he was clingy, he wasn’t crying or acting completely abnormal.  So the phase thing made sense.

A bump in his diaper area this morning caught my eye, but I figured it was irritation of some sort.  When I saw a second bump this evening I started to worry.  The bumps were strange, like little clear bubbles.  I couldn’t recall ever seeing anything like that, so I decided to turn to Dr. Google.  It didn’t take me long to find out exactly what the heck Jack’s bumps were.

Jack hachickenpox3s chicken pox.  As soon as I found the picture, I went back to examine his skin more closely, and I found some more.  I found a bump on his scalp and red spots on his neck.  I recalled that he had said a couple times that “something is hurting me” earlier in the evening, but a three year old isn’t all that reliable on these types of things…I just thought he was cranky from the lack of nap today.  Don’t I feel stupid!

So, this is a big bummer for a bunch of reasons.  First, it sucks being sick.  Second, the chicken pox are freaking miserable in my experience.  Third, well…this is going to sound funny…  It looks like we’re going to have to skip seeing Disney Princess on Ice next Wednesday.  Jack was really, really looking forward to going and has talked about it just about every day.  I am crossing my fingers for an amazingly quick recovery.  I don’t want to break the little guy’s heart.

Oh and in case you are wondering, we (obviously) did not get the varicella vaccine.  Since Jack’s cousin came down with a case of shingles after receiving the vaccine, we had a hard time trusting it and elected out.  We figured we’d wait it out and see if Jack contracted the illness organically before it was time to go to school.  Et voila!

On the bright side, I won’t have to worry about daycare drop-off for a bit.  Additionally, Jack fell asleep within about 10 minutes of shutting off the lights tonight and before 8:30.  So, uh, anybody wanna come over for a chicken pox party?

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I Need a Muse

Jack is sick again.  He is snotty and coughing and having trouble nursing and sleeping.  I am crossing my fingers that I don’t catch it!  That’s probably hoping for too much.

When he went to bed at 8:30 last night, I decided I would join him just in case we were in for a rough night.  I am so glad I did because he woke up a few times, and couldn’t get back to sleep at the 4am waking.  We went into the living room for a while where he made me color for his entertainment.  This is a common occurrence, and I recently started running out of ideas as to what to draw (when I ask him what I should draw, he responds “More color!”).  Strangely, drawing the same things over and over have made me an even worse artist than I already was.  I have started drawing shapes so now he knows most of them, although he gets hearts mixed up with triangles.  Numbers and letters joined shapes this morning.  I figure if we keep this up he’ll be ready for kindergarten by the end of the year.

We went back to bed at 6am and I got another blessed hour of sleep before getting up for the day at 7.  Tomorrow I’ll probably work from home to take care of the little guy.  I would appreciate any ideas you might have for things I could draw (keeping in mind that I am using broken crayons and have poor skills) or other ideas for keeping him entertained while I also try to work.

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Thank goodness he's sick(?)

This sounds terrible but I really am a little happy that Jack has a cold.  It has slowed him down and he is a total sweetheart.  Also, he is sleeping.  Oh yes, I will take a snotty nose in exchange for a sweet sleepy boy!  I could use the break!

I do feel badly for him.  He is snuffly and hot and red-eyed.  He coughs and his voice is scratchy.  He alternates between rubbing his eyes and rubbing his whole face against the floor.  I searched the apartment high and low for the baby vaporub last night and couldn’t find it, so Jack just had to deal.  I’ll have to make a run to the drugstore this evening to give him a little relief.

He seems to be forgetting to eat, as well.  I laid out a nice dinner of apples, pinto beans, latkes, and whole wheat crackers last night (it’s always interesting to patch a dinner together when grocery shopping hasn’t been done)  and he would take a bite or two and then walk away to check out a book.  We would hold the plate out to him a couple minutes later and he would take another bite, then run off somewhere else.  Eventually he ate most everything on the plate, we just had to keep reminding him it was there.

I almost got 8 hours of sleep last night.  I don’t feel any better than I have of late, though, because I caught his cold.  I am focussing on the good, though.

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