And I Quote…

Me: “Jack, why is it that every time I’m totally fed up with you, you then go and do something totally adorable?”

Jack: “Because I’m two and a half.”

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Contrary Kid

Jack spent most of Saturday naked.  He refused to wear even a diaper or “big boy underwear.”  No pants, either.  I am completely out of ideas and just trying to hold onto my patience (and failing).  Getting him out of the house is pretty impossible.  In order to get him to his dad’s yesterday we distracted him with a book long enough to get his diaper and pants and socks on, then the gig was up.  I grabbed him and stole away quickly to the car to wrestle him into his carseat before he could disrobe.  He cried and fought the entire time.

I don’t have a problem with him running around naked but it would be nice to be able to leave the house.  Also we had guests over and I had to explain that Jack has decided to become a nudist and is potty training.  He is grasping the toilet idea really well and has gone pee in the potty several times, but I have cleaned up several messes of both types and his bed now stinks of pee because he keeps stripping in the middle of the night.

Any and all ideas and input are welcome.  This has been an extremely challenging time and it feels like the newborn stage in so many ways.  I feel powerless!  At the same time I am proud of Jack for deciding to grow up.  It’s just that it’s happening so quickly!

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Obstinate Toddler

Jack woke up around 4am last night and totally stripped.  He didn’t want to wear pajamas, socks, or a diaper.  He peed all over his bed.  It took me about an hour and a half to negotiate him back into his clothes.  In the end I bribed him with chocolate.

This morning he didn’t want to wear a diaper or clothes AGAIN.  After trying unsuccessfully for an hour to get him dressed, I turned to David who managed to get him to “fly like an airplane” into his “airplane clothes.”  And then all was well.

Reverse psychology works sometimes…but not in the case of getting him dressed.  He is getting more and more stubborn and even *I* can’t out-stubborn him.  I try to give him choices but he snubs them all.  I try to put my foot down and force him to do things after the nice way doesn’t work and he just rips off his clothes anyway.  I try reverse psychology with limited success.  Bribery only works if I can figure out what he finds to be incredibly valuable.

I’m exhausted and frustrated.  How long does this phase last??

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Two and a half

Jack is an amazing little boy.  I’m shocked by how quickly he is maturing in so many ways!  Some of it is frustrating but it can be hilarious at the same time.  A few days ago he started using the words but and um.  Our conversations went something like this:

Jack, would you like some cheese?
But no.
Really?  Aren’t you hungry?  Maybe yogurt or raisins?
But no.
Well, why are you awake in the middle of the night if you’re not hungry?
Um, no.

I think you get the idea…

The boy is obsessed with doing things that adults around him are doing.  If I am wearing a coat, he has to wear one.  Same with shoes.  This can be annoying when he doesn’t want to wear a coat or shoes because then no one else is allowed to wear them, either.  He is clearly trying to figure out rules and order in the world around him.  It’s funny when it’s not aggravating.  It comes in handy when he wants to help with household chores.  I don’t like it so much when he gets bossy,  “Mama, you take your shoes off!”

Recent interests include planes, trains, dinosaurs, The Muppet Movie (mainly rainbows and Fozzie Bear), tools, balls, and Wii (“Look Mama, I’m playing tennis!” as he swings his dino to and fro).  He also loves to wear my shoes and carry my purse.  He is not quite as enthusiastic about monsters or pirates as he was a few months ago but they are still in the top 10.  He loves his stuffed animals and usually carries one everywhere we go (especially Big Mouse and his bunny).  He is fantastic at pretend play, acting out various scenarios with his toys and stuffed animals.

He hates shoes.  He loves his sandals, which are clearly not appropriate for this time of year, and he will consent to wearing his replacement red/brown shoes for limited periods of time before screaming to get them off.  I bought a couple other pairs of shoes and try to let him choose which shoes he wears but he is so not into it.  We have 4 pairs of See Kai Run (including the sandals), some Converse, and a pair I bought at Kohls and he will only wear the sandals and the red/brown shoes!  Is this an age thing???  I’ve been relying a lot on reverse psychology.  “Jack, we can’t go outside unless you have your shoes on.  So you stay here and I’ll see you later.  Bye bye.”  He generally straightens up and demands his shoes at that point.  I usually only pull this when he is going to have to walk.  Mostly I could care less whether he wears shoes or not, but he’s not going to be walking around our apartment complex barefoot.

Jack is neat and quite concerned about order.  He puts away his shoes when he takes them off (even when I am not paying any attention to it), asks for wipes to clean his hands when they have stray bits of food on them, pulls his “sleeping blanket” up to his neck in bed, and gets really upset if daily routines are disturbed.  When we get home from daycare, we take our coats off, then our shoes, then we sit on the couch and have milk.  When coats go on they must be buttoned or zipped, and thumbs have to make it into the designated compartment of the mitten.

After 2.5 years, Jack has finally decided that our cat Wicket is his friend.  This means that he doesn’t climb on top of him quite as often – sometimes he will sling his arm over Wicket’s back and say “He’s my friend.”  Wicket still hasn’t learned to stay away from Jack, though.  It would be a lot easier to protect him if he didn’t go running right back to Jack after we extract him from a wrestling match.

And diapers…Jack is clearly aware of what is going on in there but still refuses to consider the potty.  A couple of weekends he asked me, “Do you want a new diaper?” because he had pooped (he often asks me questions that he wants me to ask him).  When I ask him if he has peed or if he needs a new diaper, though, he replies, “No, I don’t want a new diaper.  It’s all better now.”  So I’m keeping it low pressure but talking up what big boys do and reading books on the subject.  Jack sees what goes in the toilet and likes to tear pieces of tissue off the roll to throw into the bowl.  He stands in front of his own little potty and pretends to pee.  He obviously has the right idea but is not taking the initiative.  I’m not concerned about it, though.

He is still a chatty little guy.  He will sit in his carseat on road trips and have conversations with his toys.  Sometimes he repeats things he has heard: “You don’t push your friends.” and “You sit down right here for time out.”  and “Fucking cats!” which was a mistake on my part when Wicket and Blue tripped me with their fighting underfoot.  Ever since a truck stopped for no reason on the highway, he has been repeating, “Stupid truck blocking traffic!”  Hilarious.

I’m having tons of fun with Jack.  I’m so lucky to know and nurture this kid!  He is growing into the happy, confident, creative little boy that I saw glimpses of when he was a baby.

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Shoe Solution

I ended up buying a bigger pair of the shoes Jack loves so much.  A day after I placed the order on his big toe rubbed a hole in the too-small pair, so it was just in time.  He either hasn’t noticed the difference with the new shoes or is happy just to be able to wear his “brown shoes” without being offered other choices first.  Thank goodness I could find the same kind; I don’t believe See Kai Run is still manufacturing that particular shoe.  Yay for old inventory!  I probably should have gotten the next few sizes…

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