Birthday Time

Jack is 3 today! I can hardly believe it, except that he woke up in a cantankerous mood and declared that he did NOT want to be 3. I’m pretty sure that the mere disputing of being 3 plants him squarely at that age.

I got lucky Thursday night and found a ton of space-themed items at The Party Stylists store here in San Francisco. There were space shuttle plates, planet party favors, space stickers, star candles, and even a Happy Birthday banner with an astronaut on it. Bingo! I bought some decorative icing and used my mama skills to draw a rocket on his cake, too. I hadn’t intended to have a themed party but it all worked out that way. Don’t ya just love it when that happens?

Friends and family gathered at our home in San Francisco on Saturday to celebrate. We even met some new friends (some of you may know VDog and she is featured in the video below if you have a good eye). Toddler-geared lunch was served in the form of PB&J sandwiches, carrot sticks, cucumbers, goldfish crackers, and juice boxes. Could it get any easier?

So what does a three year old like to receive for his birthday? I think the answer is everything! But here are the biggest hits for the Jackonaut (whose little gems of wisdom can now be found on Twitter, by the way, under that name):

Mobi Tyke Light (aka Glow Alien), accompanied by glow-in-the-dark stars that we stuck to his ceiling (not pictured)

WALL-E and Eve plushies

Space Shuttle
I made the mistake of handing this one to him too early and he did NOT want to open anything else afterward. I tried everything I could think of, and finally told him that the other gifts had rockets in them, too. Luckily he was not disappointed by anything he saw!

Remote control “land shark”

And legos, of course. No need for a picture of those! Other great gifts were hermit crabs from Jack’s dad and a tricycle from David. Those will both take a little growing into but they were a bit hit. He got two space-themed books entitled Roaring Rockets and Space Boy. Space Boy is a bit wordy for his age (or maybe just for this lazy mama) but Roaring Rockets is perfect.

There are still a few items to come (Buzz Lightyear & Woody with a rocket and a LeapPad) and I’m sure those will be hits as well.

Here is the video of Jack’s friends and family singing the birthday song to him.

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Soon to be 2

We have about 40 people slated to attend Jack’s birthday party.  What in the world was I thinking inviting all those people?  I guess I forgot that toddler birthday parties are hot spots these days.  I don’t think I’ve ever had 40 people at any of my own birthday parties!  And I distinctly remember at least one birthday where no one showed up.  Alas, I was not popular, folks.

Jack has no idea his birthday is coming.  He doesn’t even know what a birthday is.  We’re trying to teach him to tell us when we ask that he’s 2.  Sometimes he gets it but usually when I ask him how old he is he just repeats my question.  (That’s his new thing, by the way – rather than saying “I want this” for instance, he asks “Do you want this?”  Questions have now replaced statements yet they mean the same thing.)  At least he can tell you that his name is Jack now.

I think I’m mostly nervous that Jack is going to be upset having to share his toys with the other kids.  I had decided not to do favors for anyone because, well, I didn’t think a bunch of toddlers would care.  But now I’m wondering if favors might prevent toy fighting.  Hmm, probably not…

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Future birthdays may be a letdown

Jack’s birthday is in less than a month!  We have a costume party planned and there will even be a few kids there.  😀  I am pretty excited, although the only things I’ve accomplished so far are to send out a save-the-date evite and buy Jack’s present:


\"Flying Vee Wee\"

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