Parenting Bliss

Jack has been so easy lately.  I can’t express how awesome it is to engage in lazy parenting.  In the mornings he gets up out of bed by himself, drags a step stool over to turn on the bathroom light, uses the toilet and washes his hands without prompting.  This all happens whilei David and I are still trying to catch sleep in our warm beds.  After Jack is done he gives us our morning wake up call so that he can acquire breakfast and watch Super Why! I toss out some clothes for him and he dresses himself, socks and all.  This saves me so much time in the mornings!

Jack has also been buckling himself into his carseat (with just a little help from me) and routines are pretty smooth these days.  He uses the potty, brushes his teeth, and picks out books – all without help – in preparation for bed.  He never asks for a fourth book and last night when I offered one to him, he refused!  I snuggle for a couple of minutes and shower him with kisses until he dissolves into giggles before saying goodnight.  He did get up to use the bathroom again last night, but went back to bed without a word after he was done.  I was impressed!

I know this won’t last, but I will enjoy it while it does.  This is exactly why I don’t have a second child yet!!!

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Yesterday was a GREAT day.  Jack’s daycare is closed this week for Spring Break, so I took Monday and Tuesday off of work to hang out with him.  Maybe it’s because I’m relaxed from my weekend in Napa, or maybe I’m just getting better at being at home with the kiddo, but I really enjoyed the day.  I even thought – MAYBE – I could actually swing a SAHM situation after all if it came down to it.  (Watch – today will totally squash that idea.)

Midday I needed to run to the store for toilet paper, so I packed Jack into the car with promises of a Transformer if the store carried one.  I figured it was about time as his potty money tub was getting pretty heavy and it’s been a month since we got the last toy.  Also!  Jack pooped in the potty last week and even though he didn’t even know he was doing it, we celebrated with a potty dance and extra money.

Walgreens had a number of Transformer toys, both Autobots (the good guys) and Decepticons (the bad guys).  I asked Jack whether he wanted a good guy or a bad one.  After declining to buy one of each for him, he chose a Decepticon that turns into a forklift.  I should have pressed him to get the one that turns into a toaster – the forklift’s arms keep coming off.

It may or may not be a coincidence, but later in the evening Jack used the potty to poop on TWO separate trips to the bathroom.  I’m not ready to call this a breakthrough or anything (lest the parenting karma gods strike me down), but I am willing to say that it’s a very nice development.  Other things that may or may not have anything to do with this development: showing Jack the Transformer underwear he could wear once he was regularly using the potty and acquisition of the book “It Hurts When I Poop” (which I didn’t buy due to any issues with hurting, but I knew he’d dig the explanation of what is going on in there).

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He may not be crying, but I am

I’m completely at a loss with the potty training.  Jack uses the toilet (both the regular one and the mini) at daycare with very few issues (probably due to the herd mentality), but still will not use the potty at home.  We’ve tried various types of training pants, including the pull-ups that turn cold when the kid pees.  I did not get a second pack of those because they seem like torture.  I thought maybe a couple times of peeing in them would encourage him to use the potty but nope – he just complains about the pull-ups.

I’ve maintained a pressure-free stance on potty-training.  I’ve tried to let him know ahead of time that I’ll be taking him to use the potty “in a while.”  I’ve put him in big boy underwear and said that Buzz Lightyear would not want to be peed on, and asked that he let me know when he needs to go.  Unfortunately what follows is a BIG MESS.  The kid will sit in wet underwear without an issue!

I finally picked up No Cry Potty Training Solution and read the suggestion that I take away the idea that using the potty is an option rather than a fact.  So then I tried to matter-of-factly announce that it was time to use the potty.  He absolutely did not go for that.  He threw a fit.  I pulled down his pants and he ran.

So, I quit.  I’m not sure if there is anything left to try.  I may take a weekend and let him run naked but I’m pretty sure that will result in me cleaning up messes all day long.

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