Jackie Boy

Finally starting to get moments where I feel like a normal person, so I thought I’d do a little updating.

Birth: Went in Tuesday at 5:30 to receive cervidil. It was an unpleasant night because I had to be hooked up to a million things. I got a whopping 3 hours of sleep, and had to get a second dose of the cervidil in the morning. It took me roughly 30 hours to dilate to 4cm and the baby was extremely active through my contractions, so it made them feel even worse. Jack was still not sure about this birth thing, and he kept launching himself into my ribs, too. Sheesh. Anyway, after that initial 30 hours, and since I was going on only 3 hours of sleep, there were fears I would wear myself out too much to push when the time came. I gave in and got pitocin at around midnight Wednesday. The pit starting working almost immediately and by about 8:30am, I was dilated to 9cm. Getting there was rough, especially because I couldn’t walk far or get in the shower to cope with the pain since they had to continually monitor me and the baby to avoid hyperstimulation. It was definitely the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and at each stage, I thought that I couldn’t possibly deal with anything more painful. I made it through, though, without meds! Joe was absolutely AMAZING as my labor coach. It was great to have my MIL and doula there as well, but Joe was my rock and I could not have gotten through the whole thing without him. Anyway, they broke my water when I reached 9cm and soon after, I got the urge to push. It took about 40 minutes, but the baby finally made his entrance into the world at 9:38am. His cord was wrapped around him about three times and he was a bit blue, but that was quickly worked out while I was patched up from a small tear. I nursed Jack for the first time and then, finally, slept!

Recovery from birth is harder than I could have imagined. I couldn’t sit up until Friday afternoon and only with a lot of pillows underneath me. I am still having issues, but I am healing. Nursing has been rough and has made me detest breastfeeding. Jack has many episodes of inconsolable crying these days, mostly at night. I am hoping these will get worked out very soon but in the mean time, Joe and I are tearing our hair out.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run and see if I can put an end to another crying episode. Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I will get more pictures up soon, when I am not trying to get a nap or a shower in (still haven’t managed the shower since coming home from the hospital).

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