A better night/day

Things seem to be getting better. We had a GREAT night last night – no hours-long crying sessions! Joe and Sue practically got a full night’s sleep. I didn’t do too badly, either, as Jack slept in 3-hour chunks. I had to wake him up each time to feed, but it was super easy to get him back to sleep. He is snoozing with his dad right now.

I got to have my mommy time this morning for a good 15 minutes or so. He was wide awake and we snuggled and I got to look into his eyes and talk to him. He makes the most adorable little faces. Somehow I’ll have to get a picture of that. The only other times I’ve really been able to hold him were when I was feeding him or taking my turn at attempting to console him. Mommy time is very important. I also took my turn at changing his diaper. He didn’t even cry! I am so grateful for these small things.

I am still sore, but figured out that if I lean to one side, I can sit down for a short time without a pillow. My tailbone still hurts and the pillows on the bed don’t seem to help that. Don’t know what to do about it – I guess I just need to wait it out.

The three of us may go take a walk today. I’ll have to see if I have real clothes that fit. I have been in pajamas non-stop since we got home – the nursing bras I bought last week aren’t going to work out, so it’s just been easier to wear a tank top and pull down the straps when I nurse. Somehow I’ve got to figure out how to go bra shopping. Not sure how to fit that in when I spend every other hour feeding Jack!

Tomorrow I am going to attend a breastfeeding support group. That is my major goal for this week. I need that knowledge and support, and I have quite a few things to talk to the lactation consultant about. Hopefully Jack won’t be too disagreeable.

Alright, gotta go shower and brush my teeth!

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