Proud Papa

We did indeed take a walk, and it felt great. It was so nice to get dressed and get outside. I only went half as far as everyone else, since Joe wanted to climb up into the redwood park nearby and I was not about to go climbing! A good walk was what we all needed.

Here is a picture of Joe with Jack in the Baby Bjorn. I absolutely love to watch Joe with him. It is so beautiful!

Soon I will have to get some pictures of me with Jack where I am not nursing!

Jenn stopped by earlier today and brought us jambalaya. It was such a tasty dinner!!! Loved it! The company was awesome to have, too. Since we aren’t getting out of the house much, it’s wonderful to get that connection to the outside world.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but Wednesday when I was in the hospital, we got a call about my father-in-law. He had a heart attack! Freaking crazy. It was relatively mild, and he got himself to the hospital early, so he is doing really well. He was out of the hospital before I was, in fact. He still plans on coming back out at the end of the month so that he and my MIL can drive back to Wisconsin together. I am just so happy that he is okay! That was some scary shit.

Tomorrow I attend a breastfeeding support group in Eureka. Getting out of the house for that long will be interesting!

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