Another good day!

Jack and I went to the Mother-to-Mother Breastfeeding Support Group today. It was awesome! I got a definite attitude adjustment – hearing about other people who had much worse problems than me really put things in better perspective. It was nice to hear other people say what I had been thinking – that the books totally lie and no one ever tells you how awful postpartum is. So I’m telling everyone now who hasn’t gone through it: it’s awful and it’s worse than pregnancy and labor put together! Besides the pain and exhaustion and the difficulty in taking care of someone else when you are still recovering, there are the hormones, the many things that just don’t come naturally, the conflicting advice from people surrounding you, and the sudden realization that everything you do must be considered in relation to how you can work it around your child’s needs. I think this first 4-6 weeks as a breastfeeding mother are especially hard, as well, since I can’t go anywhere for more than an hour by myself because the kid needs to eat and I am the only person who can feed him! Sometimes I can take him with me, but sometimes that isn’t really an option (or, at least, not a good option). Anyway, it seems like most of this shouldn’t be a surprise to me but even if I knew it beforehand, it hits harder when I’m not at my best and hormones are raging.

Anyway, the lactation consultant told me what I could do for my ravaged breasts and hopefully I’ll have less pain soon. Also, Jack’s latch is much improved and he is on a pretty good feeding schedule now, so it’s made things easier in the breastfeeding department. I must say that I live in fear of the growth spurts to come and thinking about it causes me great anxiety, but hopefully by the time they get here I’ll feel more confident and comfortable about everything so it doesn’t feel so frustrating.

I got out to Target this afternoon (woo hoo! accomplishment!) and bought some nursing bras, which were quite the chore to try on. The Target trip took longer than I expected, and I worried about Jack being impatient to be fed when I got home but he and Joe were soundly sleeping. It was great!

Joe’s friend Steve and his wife Amy came over for a visit tonight. They have three kids and we spent the majority of the time swapping information about birth and afterward. It was cool to have company and conversation. If we can’t get out, we will draw people here! 🙂

My MIL is homesick. She is kind of mopey. Maybe she’s bored, too. I dunno. I would like to do something for her but I’m not sure what. She doesn’t allow us to do much for her!

Jack is awake and alert. This is weird. He generally sleeps all the time but he’s had at least two hours of awake time (without feeding) today. He’s not crying, so I guess it’s okay, but it makes me nervous. 😛

4 thoughts on “Another good day!”

  1. You said it in one there…I certainly wish I’d known how hard PP was beforehand it was such a shock to the system. Luckily I was blessed with a placid baby, but it was still hard all the same.

    I hope you don’t mind me having a nosey…your husband gave me the link.

  2. Yeah, everyone puts so much emphasis on labor and birth that the recovery afterward was a HUGE shock. The hormones are insane, as well. I couldn’t believe that I cried so much.

    I don’t mind at all. He mentioned that you were having some difficulties, so let me know if I can do anything to help.

  3. Tell me about it, I cried a lot too…I was so tired from feeding every hour…sometimes more before I discovered that she wanted something to suck on rather than something to eat..haha oh well

    I was having some difficulties…I was told she had hit her 3 month growth spurt and that I had to keep at the feeding to boost my milk.. so for 4 weeks I put up with her screaming at one feed a day. It never caught up so I started to dip into my expressed milk supplies…but at the same time trying to get her to eat from me before resorting to the bottle…I tried allsorts to boost it then gave in and gave her formula (after my ebm ran out) she doesn’t get even a full feed of it a day but it still irks me that I had to give her it.

  4. We went through a nursing strike type thing where I had to fight with Jack at every feeding. It was right around 4 months (not only is there a 3 month growth spurt, but 4 months is a HUGE one. It was also a distractable time, and teething was underway…). I was so afraid he wasn’t getting enough but I just watched the number of diapers he was having (they should have 5-6 really wet diapers per day) and even though it seemed that he wasn’t getting enough, he was having plenty diapers. I found this information helpful. I had to feed him in a dark room and stand up and sway and shh during almost every feeding for nearly two months.

    Supplementing can further damage your supply if that is the issue because the demand isn’t being put on your breasts (you probably know that already). Did you try fenugreek supplements (at least 6 a day, until you smell like maple syrup) to get your supply up? Also, was it just the screaming that was the problem? You may be able to wean off the supplements…

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