More talk about my kid

I must have done too much yesterday because I was really worn out today even though I got 9 hours (broken up in three hour chunks) of sleep last night. My soreness increased, too, so instead of taking a walk with Joe and Jack, I took a nap. I feel better this evening.

My MIL put a shelf in Jack’s room today. It has some books on it and train blocks that spell his name. I was planning on painting the blocks today but I’ll have to do it tomorrow if I have more energy.

The home health nurse came to check in on us and said that everything looks good. Both Jack and I have appointments next week with our doctors, so I guess we’ll make triply sure that everything is all good.

Also today, Jack got his first bath (at home)! He can’t be submerged in water yet, so we gave him a sponge bath in the Safety First Comfy Duck Bath Center than Jenn got for him. If only he knew what a lucky guy he is. 😉

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