We’re doing something right

We went to Jack’s pediatrician appointment today (conveniently located around the corner – 5 minutes of walking, if even) and our baby is looking fantastic! He has gained two pounds since leaving the hospital!! He is a whopping 10 lb. baby now, putting him in the 95th percentile for weight. He has also stretched out to 22.25 inches long (90th percentile for height). So, yeah. This breastfeeding thing is working out pretty well! (This explains a lot – I have lost over 20 lbs. already and I haven’t even done anything!)

Joe and I went to The Stork’s Nest yesterday, a baby/maternity shop in McKinleyville. We dropped a fat wad of cash on this awesome dragon shirt. Yeah, we’re obsessed with Trogdor and this is the closest thing we could get to baby Trogdor clothing. Our Jack is a dragon man!

Gotta go – baby’s squeaking.

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