On our own

Last night was a bit of a challenge, with Jack nursing every 30 minutes or so and not going to sleep. I was really tired and only got a 20 minute nap during the evening (had to wake up to eat dinner and feed Jack again), so I was pulling my hair out at midnight when he still wouldn’t sleep. My awesome husband (who worked all day and was tired himself) took Jack into the living room to rock him and get him to go to sleep so that I could finally catch some Zs. I think I got about an hour before I had to wake up to feed the boy again, but then the rest of the night went smoothly. I’m feeling much better this morning. Hopefully Joe isn’t too exhausted at work! I don’t know what I’d do without the hubs. He is so fantastic with Jack and is doing such a wonderful job of doing his part with him. I couldn’t ask for a better spouse and father for my child!

My in-laws left this morning, so the little mister and I are here all by ourselves. I successfully managed to take a shower when I was left alone with Jack last week, and today I’ll get to try that trick again. I have this whole next week to spend by myself (with the exception of Sunday and Monday since Joe has those days off work) until Beth and Sabrina arrive. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In older news, Jenn and I went shopping Wednesday. I had tried on my pre-pregnancy clothing and while I could get the pants on, I could not zip or button them. We ventured out to the mall where I picked some things up at Old Navy (a few things for me, a few things for Jack). My current pants size is about two sizes bigger than what I wore previously. I don’t mind if I stay at this size, but buying a whole new wardrobe will suck. I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks and see if I lose more weight before returning to work. If I had to go to work tomorrow, I would have absolutely nothing to wear! Jack behaved pretty well during the trip and slept most of the time. He started to fuss when I was at the register at Old Navy and I had to make a beeline for the nursing room to change and feed him while he was freaking out. After he filled his belly he was happy again, although he wanted to be held instead of being put in the stroller. Jenn and I managed to go to Sears, Staples, and Costco after that, too. Yay!

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