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Last night we went to Jenn and Chris’s place for pizza and games. Joe made the mistake of moving the first dirty diaper away too quickly and as he was putting the clean one down, Jack dirtied it and also shat right in Joe’s hand. It was rather amusing to watch. Joe just moved right along in the diaper changing as if he had experienced such a phenomenon a million times before. The man gets tons of credit for his patience! Jack sullied the third diaper within minutes of getting it on, too. Sheesh.

I think Jack is hitting his first growth spurt because he nursed almost non-stop while we were there. It’s pretty amazing how much that kid eats. In between feeding him, I made my pizza and ate most of it. We managed to play almost a whole game of Apples to Apples during one of his naps, too. I am getting pretty good at doing things while nursing, so I finished the game while Jack had a snack. We also played Hoopla and just kept passing the little guy around the circle in between turns.

It was nice to get out of the house and hang with friends! I feel immensely boring these days because I have absolutely nothing to talk about other than Jack. Luckily no one seems to mind much. It bothers me because I didn’t want to be this person who is all about their kid. But I guess it won’t be this way once I return to work and am around tons of people all day. We’ll see.

My mom is coming to visit! In my postpartum haze, we made plans for her to come this week and even though I haven’t talked to her in nearly two weeks, she went ahead and took time off work. She is coming today and leaving Friday, I believe. This rocks! I wasn’t going to ask her to come because I sort of feel like I shouldn’t depend on people to help me with my kid constantly, but I am also highly appreciative of the company and help. I’m sure that I just need to get over myself and let people help and not worry about it. 😛

Time to do diaper laundry! Have a good day everyone.

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  1. I was exactly the same with regards to not wanting to be all about the baby..but just look at my blog! baby baby baby…haha

    Do you think babies want the added comfort when at someone elses house? I have the same thing happen with Rheya…if we are at someone elses house she eats more often :\

  2. It could be comfort, or it could be that they get so distracted that they don’t properly nurse and so need to more often. Also, we usually spend time at friends’ homes at night, which is a cluster feeding time.

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