New developments

I went to the doctor today to get my wrist checked out. It has been bothering me for over 3 weeks now but at first I figured it was pregnancy related. The pain has gotten worse and when I flex my thumb out, something clicks out of place and the pain is awful! It makes it difficult to pick Jack up. Anyway, my doctor said I have tendonitis. So freaking crappy! I was almost hoping I had broken something because then it is easily healed. There isn’t much I can do for tendonitis, especially with a newborn.

We’ve decided we’re going to use the local diaper service for our diapers. It was our original plan but I rethought it when I bought fancier diapers. It turns out that Joe and I prefer the old fashioned prefolds after all! The laundry isn’t hard but the cost of the diaper service is about the same as what we are paying to wash the diapers ourselves, so why not save us the work? Indeed.

Jack is going through a growth spurt and has been eating hourly this afternoon and evening. I am tired. I can’t believe how fast this kid is growing. When I went to change his clothes this morning, I discovered that he had already grown out of a number of his onesies! Sheesh.

The little mister smiled his first real smile today, too! It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. It made me feel better about his constant eating today – like he rewarded me for my patience or something. 😛 I am looking forward to more smiles (and hopefully I can catch one on film!).

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