Adventures in babyland

It’s been a challenging couple of days, what with the growth spurt and then some bouts of extra fussiness on Jack’s part. Yesterday he screamed bloody murder whenever I changed his diaper for no other reason than he hates to lay down when he’s not sleeping. He saves this behavior for me for the most part. Woo fun. Then last night we spent two hours (starting at 4:45am) trying to find a happy balance so he would sleep. I would feed him, he’d nod off, I’d lay him down and he’d wake up. I’d try to feed him again and we’d come up with the same results. Then I changed his diaper, fed him again, laid him down again, then he needed another diaper change, etc., etc. And Joe slept through almost the entire two hours of fussing/crying/cursing. I wanted to wake him up so badly but the man has to work, so I let him sleep. I wish I were the dad!

Jack’s goofy baby pictures arrived in the mail yesterday and they are terrible quality. Washed out and icky. I still maintain that we must have them because it is tradition. It’s just too bad that they suck.

We went out to eat at a real restaurant last night! We sat down and had good food and Jack slept the whole time. It was great! Perhaps we will try this trick more often.

We still haven’t figured out who sent the Pat the Bunny book. We thought we had it figured out, but no. Hrm.

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