Getting shit done

We did end up making it to Joe’s campfire program on Tuesday evening. Patrick went with me and it was a lot of fun. Jack ate the WHOLE time during the campfire. Little piggy.

Yesterday was rather productive. I went over to Recycled Youth to sell back some diapers and a few pieces of baby clothing that Jack has grown out of (and one thing that someone gifted to us which was just HIDEOUS). I ended up buying a pouch sling there, also. I then went and parked by Safeway, put Jack in the sling, and we walked to the post office and bank and then back to the grocery store to shop a bit. Jack slept the whole time.

I’m not sure how I feel about the sling. It’s fairly comfortable for me but Jack gets completely scrunched inside and his breathing gets raspy. Raspy breathing is normal at this stage and they say to change the baby’s position when it occurs, but I couldn’t adjust the sling in a way that would help him breathe better. So the verdict is still out on the sling. Perhaps I just need a better sling. I don’t know much about slings, though, and I hate to invest in something that might not work for us. (Luckily, this one was pretty inexpensive so it’s not a huge loss if we don’t use it – I can always sell it back to Recycled Youth.)

Our AC adapter for the laptop has been out of commission for something like 10 months (Blue chewed it up), and I was too lazy to order one until now. Beth reminded me about my warranty and it turns out that I have accidental damange coverage, so a replacement was free! Good thing I waited almost a year to save $40. 😉 Anyway, Dell overnighted a new adapter and our laptop is now up and running! We’ve got wireless internet on it, too. Sweetness!

I got a referral to a chiropracter for my tailbone (still hurts majorly from labor) and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully they can help me out. If not, it’s going to be hell going back to my desk job.

I made lasagna for dinner last night! It wasn’t a frozen entree – I actually prepared the whole thing. I am very proud. It turned out pretty well, although I would have liked more flavor. Unfortunately, I have to keep it a bit bland for Joe. I did get spinach in there, so that is cool. He went back for seconds, so I know he wasn’t lying about liking it (which he probably wouldn’t do anyway).

We have nothing on the agenda for today. Maybe I’ll run out to Target. Or maybe I’ll quilt! Jack is asleep right now, so I guess I’d better get started on anything I’d like to do around the house. Gotta take the opportunity when it’s available.

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