Not fond of the current situation.

We are mostly settled in with Jack but I hate being a SAHM, even if it’s temporary. Being at home all day with no adult interaction drives me insane. And as much as I love my son, he is not very entertaining at this age. 😛

I am frustrated because since my MIL left, I am the only one doing housework. I suspect it is because Joe got out of the habit of doing household chores while his mom was here (NOT that he thinks I should be doing it since I am home) and is now finding it hard to get back in the habit. Last night I asked when he planned to resume chore activities and he said “definitely before you go back to work.” Um, not a satisfactory answer! Then, he went to bed.

I am not okay with being home all day with our son, doing household chores, and then being the main caregiver once Joe gets home from work, too. This is bullshit. I don’t care if he has to go to work every day – he still has to do half the household chores, help with dinner preparations, and he needs to give me a break from our child when he gets home. Responsibilities are responsibilities, regardless of workload.

Anyway, this is something he and I have to discuss in more detail, but I needed to rant a bit and get it all out. Joe is a great husband and father; he just gets off track sometimes. Time to get him back on track!

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