Keeping with the trend

Jack got weighed again this week at the breastfeeding support group I attend and he is up another 14 oz! This puts him at 11 lbs. 15 oz. Wowee! I don’t think I can actually call him a newborn anymore. He is huge!

Joe and I had a good anniversary after all. I made french toast for breakfast and we ended up going to a diner called Niveen’s for dinner. We ended the night with scrabble. It was an easy-going celebration.

I am still sick but I feel the worst when I wake up in the morning. Jack has been waking up every 30-60 minutes at night to eat the last few days, so that is making it hard to get real rest. I am too stubborn to give in to illness, though!

I think we’re going to the park with Jenn and the little girl she is babysitting this afternoon. It will be nice to get outside and walk a bit. I need fresh air!

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