More than I’ve written in a while

I’m feeling a lot better today. It might have something to do with Jack sleeping much better last night (in 2-3 hour stretches again). The lactation consultant said that his recent wakefulness at night was probably due to another a growth spurt (something I was starting to suspect). Of course, it’s like one long growth spurt with this kid!

Yesterday afternoon we went with Jenn and her babysitting charge T to the park. It was nice to sit out in the sun and watch the little kids play. I swung a bit with Jack (he was in the Snugli carrier) and then relaxed the rest of the time. There was a cute little boy dressed in a batman costume running around the park and sliding down the slide with his arms out like he was flying. He came up to me and asked, “Who’s belly did that baby come from?” When I told him that Jack came from my belly, he replied, “I came from my mommy’s belly!” It was tooooo cute! T took a liking to me, as well. On the walk back to the apartment, she decided she wanted to hold my hand while Jenn carried her. (She wanted me to carry her at one point, too, but I am not talented enough to carry a newborn and a toddler at the same time). Kids are so funny.

Joe and I were watching the BBC News last night (the only news we watch anymore) and there was a story about obesity. There are now more obese people in the world than there are starving people! How crazy is that? It made me feel even better about breastfeeding Jack because there is a much lower risk of obesity with breastfed children. And the longer I breastfeed, the lower the risk! Very cool. I’ve already been breastfeeding for a month, which I thought would be a struggle back in the beginning. I was seriously doubting that I could make it to even 6 months. Now I am pretty confident that I can keep doing this for a year, and possibly even beyond that. I am not sure exactly how long we will continue to breastfeed, but I will be happy if we can make it to the recommended year.

My tailbone is feeling some relief, finally, after the second trip to the chiropracter. It is not totally better, but I can sit down without pain! If I sit for an extended period of time I still have trouble but that will just encourage me to be more active, I guess. I have another follow up appointment today.

My sister arrives on Friday and I can’t wait! She is so excited to meet Jack and I know she will just love him. He is freaking adorable, after all. 😉 She and will have have to make a shopping trip, as well, since my work clothes definitely do not fit me. I honestly don’t think I’m going to get back to my old pants size; I think my hips spread too much. I wouldn’t mind the size change if I didn’t have to spend the money to buy new clothes! Oh well.

I return to work in a week and a half! Weeee!

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