So I have had this yeast infection called thrush for 5 freaking weeks now! It is painful and annoying and I can NOT get it to go away. I’ve been using a cream my lactation consultant told me about, but I wasn’t doing so consistently at first because I wasn’t sure I actually had the infection (I thought perhaps I was just healing from the damage Jack did from poor latch-on during the first week of breastfeeding).

I started to use the cream consistently about two weeks ago when the pain started getting worse again. I haven’t gotten any relief from the cream, so last weekend I added a vinegar treatment and started taking acidophilus pills (which have helped slightly). I spoke with the lactation consultant on Tuesday and she recommended gentian violet since none of the things I’m doing currently are treating Jack (although I’m not positive he has it, but we are guessing that this is why it seemed to be going away and then came back with a vengeance). I had been trying to avoid this treatment because it is super messy and potentially toxic if not used carefully, but I am getting desperate because in addition to the burning pain in my nipples, I now have shooting pains in my breasts. Jack also seems to be unlatching/relatching a lot more and it could be due to the thrush (although it could also be caused by my strong let-down and over abundant milk supply – so many freaking issues over here!).

Anyway, I went searching for the gentian violet today and no one here carries it!! At the local organic Co-op, I was told it was a really old-fashioned treatment. At the herb store, I was reminded that it can be toxic. Arg. The herbal store person recommended calendula oil but I can’t find any information online to support its use. I bought it, though, like a ding dong because I am desperate!

To top this mountain of problems off, the idiots who make appointments at my OB/GYN office canceled my appointment for tomorrow because they are having trouble with the concept of a 6 week post partum appointment (when I made the appointment, the retard said my insurance wouldn’t cover it because it was past 6 weeks post partum. I corrected her, and she scheduled the appointment. Fast forward to today when she called to tell me my insurance won’t cover an annual with a midwife, only with the GYN, so she rescheduled me for September. RETARDED BITCH.). So instead of being able to talk to the midwife about these issues and ask for a prescription for another treatment, I will have to call in and request something tomorrow and wait for them to get back to me. I’m sure that won’t go smoothly, either, because the receptionist is a retard!

I’m frustrated and annoyed!

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