Baby’s first cold

My poor baby has a cold (he must have caught what I had). It’s so sad! He was fussier than normal last night and I didn’t realize he was sick at first. When we were trying to go to bed, I thought he was gagging a lot because I couldn’t see very well in the dark. It turned out that he was gasping for breath and he had a hard time nursing. I finally used a different breastfeeding hold and he was able to get enough food to calm himself down and sleep. He slept in 3-4 hour chunks after that but I kept waking up to check on him because he was coughing and snuffling so much. Poor little guy! I wish there was something I could do for him beyond nursing and holding him.

My sister is here and it’s funny to watch her with Jack. It’s like watching myself. She babysat while I got some extra sleep this morning. I woke up and she had cleaned my kitchen for me! She also mopped and vacuumed while I took care of my little guy. So nice of her!

Today I think we’re going to head over to Recycled Youth to use the credit I have to get Jack some bigger clothes and we’ll also do some grocery shopping. Not sure beyond that but I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

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